7 Interesting and Smart Methods of Keyword Research for an Ecommerce Store

Keyword Research

TechsPlace | Keyword research for e-commerce websites is a little different from keyword research for blogs in that e-commerce you are more about getting more sales than driving in traffic for your website. You don’t need just any traffic when running an e-commerce website; it has to be targeted traffic specifically, traffic that converts. There are many ways to boost your web traffic, but the most effective way is to conduct keyword research. This helps you to understand which keywords visitors use to such for your product or other products…

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Modern SEO Tactics to Follow For Your Business In 2020

SEO Tactics

TechsPlace | SEO and Organic search is an integral part of the performance of any business website. No business can run effectively without it in this world of technology. Your products and services need to be on the top when people search for a specific service or product. If your business continually appears in searches, it will potentially receive a click from the user. This is what SEO does for your business by improving your overall appearance over the web, especially in Google searches. So, while you get the services…

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