Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger – The Best Monitoring App for Parents

Monitoring App for Parents

TechsPlace | The Android keylogger APK is a piece of software application that enables the user to collect all the keystrokes used on an Android device (the software is to be installed on the device). And it is the Best Monitoring App for Parents.

Keylogger software is useful for any meaningful purposes such as monitoring kid’s smartphone by parents, or an employer monitoring their employees.

What is the application keylogger phone?

If you have any sensitive information in your smartphone, you can know who accessed the information using the software. It will bring the best results because the target device user cannot know that they are under the radar.

How do parents use the application for the Hoverwatch phone keylogger?

Using the dashboard of Android keylogger APK, parents can view the information that has been saved by the keylogger software. The application will help parents monitor kids’ smartphones.

The best thing about Hoverwatch Android keylogger APK is that it can be kept hidden in the target phone. In other words, the user of the target phone cannot know that they are being monitored.

Using the application parents can track all the activities of children online. The phone keylogger helps parents protect children from all the evil influence of the Internet. As it stays out of the preview of schools to take action against the culprits, parents need to play a proactive role in the matter.

Do you need any special knowledge to install and use the keylogger?

To install and start using the app, you don’t need to have any technical skills or competence. First, you need to sign up. By following steps, you make your device ready.

Phone Keylogger

This, you can do by downloading and installing the app on the target device. Information from your device will show up in your online a/c.

Thus, using the Android keylogger APK is pretty easy.

What parents can control using the Hoverwatch program

Hoverwatch program is a simple, easy to use and among the most economical piece of software that could be extremely helpful for parents. Parents are concerned about their children because they (children) use smartphones connected to the Internet. Thanks to the numerous cyber crimes committed against children, parents should keep a close watch on their children’s phones by using Android keylogger APK such as Hoverwatch. The app can help parents monitor diverse activities committed by kits on their smartphones.

To leverage the Hoverwatch software, parents can use the following features to accrue the best results.

Phone keylogger

The Hoverwatch application works in a stealthy way. The target device user can never know that they are being backed. Since the application stays hidden in the device, it enables your parents to get all the information effectively.

The keylogger feature can be used in laptop / personal computer. It records all the pressed keys pressed key button whether a virtual or physical keyboard is used.

Track internet history 

Hoverwatch Android keylogger APK is the best monitoring app for parents. It can easily track all the internet activities performed by the on the spot on the smartphone or computer. Even if the target phone user erases the search history Hoverwatch application enables parents to retrieve even the sites that the kit visited.


Diverse applications give the accurate location of the target device at any time. When your kid turns off the GPS, and the Wi-Fi, Hoverwatch application has other features that can help you track the phone at any time.

Show passwords

A few smartphones do not enable change in password passcode without knowing the old password. You can use Hoverwatch to know all the passwords any sites whether it is social media or any other sites where passwords are used for logging in.

Call Tracking

Android music APK tracks and records login feature for calls and text messages. The app logs call a and remotely records all the outgoing and incoming calls on the targeted device.

Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger

SMS Management

The Hoverwatch keylogger app can show up all the text messages sent and received in the target phone. Thus, the app allows parents to get all the information received and sent by the user.

Hoverwatch Viewer

Hoverwatch is the most economical Android keylogger APK that is easy to use for parents thanks to its simplicity. The app can be kept hidden in the target phone. This is a good feature because parents can know exactly what children are doing online when they are login.

How to use Hoverwatch legally?

Parents are one of the most important sets of users that need to track the smartphones of children.

And, using Hoverwatch Android keylogger APK is legal. However, parents should exercise caution. They should discuss the matter with kids, especially if they’re teens. Parents should tell them about the poisonous effects of the Internet. They warn children against cyberbullying, phishing and cajoling and the like.

Support Application

If you are looking for additional information about the Hoverwatch program, you should visit the official website. You can get the support from reading the diverse guides on the official website.

You can check out the guides for Installing the app, removal instruction, FAQs and other inputs, log on to HOVERWATCH VIEWER and read the topics.

Note that there is no interaction based support such as phone.

Hoverwatch Pricing Policy

Hoverwatch is available in three different plans – personal, professional and business plan.

PlanPersonal PlanProfessional/Family PlanBusiness Plan
Devices1 Device5 Devices25 Devices
1 month$24.95$49.95$149.95
3 month$59.95$99.95$299.95
1 year$99.95$199.95$499.95

The Personal plan is priced at $24.95 for one month, for three months and $99.95 for 12 months. It can be used to track one device. The plan enables all monitoring features.

The Professional plan is priced at $49.99 a month. It can track up to five devices. It is priced at $99.95 for three months and $199.95 for 12 months.


When it comes to monitoring kids smartphones, Hoverwatch Android keylogger APK is the best because it is simple and does not involve many technicalities for getting started. It can be used for Android, iOS devices. The app can be kept hidden in the mobile, which makes it best to choose. However, it is important to note that though the Hoverwatch program is legal, parents should take caution before they start using it.

If they have teen kids, they should let them know about it. This will boost the relationship and will help build trust. The Android keylogger APK will help parents, in not only monitoring children but will bring them peace of mind.