The Impact of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education

Augmented and Virtual Reality

TechsPlace | Advanced Technologies are creating a huge impact on all areas of the Modern world. We can see wide varieties of products available in the market today to make human lives simple and comfortable than before. Now everyone is looking to know the technological updates in education and mind remains questioning about the same. AR and VR technology are improving the schools the way of teaching in the classrooms; many companies are able to encourage digital learning by providing virtual reality platforms. AR and VR creating a buzz in…

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Top Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

Mobile App Development

TechsPlace | The users have seen tremendous changes in the business services that have attracted and connected with many companies in the previous year and the same evolution of mobile app technology continues in the year 2019. The Smartphones are arranged with many advanced features and updates that made users spend more time with Smartphone to order anything within the mobile devices itself. On average users are spending 2.5 hours a day on smartphones and another statics report says 90% of time spent on mobile apps. From food ordering to…

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