Two Must Avoid Web Design Mistakes In 2018

Web Design Mistakes

TechsPlace | The e-commerce industry is getting more and more competitive each year. Today, it takes a whole lot of background checks, research and diligence to crack the nut of running a successful e-commerce business. Now, the road to successful e-commerce business starts with a great web design. Websites act as the virtual gateways to customers for online businesses, and you surely wouldn’t want to design it in an ugly manner, right? Unfortunately, most of the startups and small businesses fail to realize the importance of having an efficient and…

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Web Design Aspects That Influence Search Engine Optimization!

Web Design

TechsPlace | It isn’t surprising to see marketers over-relying on content marketing for SEO purposes. While, content marketing definitely fills in the foundation for any digital marketing strategy, but it isn’t the only avenue to press down upon. Web design is an equally important aspect of digital marketing strategy and focusing solely upon the content marketing without giving due diligence to web design is like tying the cart before the horse. Besides, how will you feel if the guests to your home call it an ugly decor? Web design is…

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Examining The Arguments For And Against High Football Tickets Prices

Football Tickets

TechsPlace | During the football season, an average of over one million people attend football matches across England’s top four divisions and in Scotland’s Premiership combined every week. However, clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and more each have an individual following of more than over 50 million via their official social media channels. Clubs like these are huge global franchise and large percentages of supporters of these clubs have probably never even watched their team play in the flesh. In many cases, one of the main reasons that fans…

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