How To Find The Best Location For Your Video Production

Video Production

TechsPlace | Planning for a video shoot outdoors? There are certain prerequisites to have in place before actually doing the shoot. It can be a tricky affair since there goes a lot of minute details into it. However, if you have everything in place then it can turn out to be beautiful than what you had imagined. Apart from charging your batteries and having a couple of extra SD cards and batteries while you are shooting outdoors, what really plays a major role is the outdoor setting or the location…

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5 Prominent Social Media Trends of 2017

TechsPlace | As 2017 has conventionally commenced, I would like to assess the five distinguished trends that has taken the world by storm and has spread throughout the social media panorama. Social Messaging When we say social media we generally focus on social networks rather than social networking, which is quite peculiar, because messaging apps have a big group of users than social networks. WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat have more users than big networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Many brands use messaging apps to communicate one to one with their…

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7 Vital Ways To Develop Into A Dynamic SEO Expert

SEO expert

TechsPlace | Search Engine Optimization specialist or SEO expert is not about polishing your specialization skills, it is about progressing yourself and grinding your soft skills relentlessly. I have been working as an SEO specialist since many years and today I’m an indispensable part of this digital worlds; digital marketing is unaccomplished without SEO and subsequently SEO expert. My expedition en-route to become a SEO consultant has fortunately been very calm. It is all because of the passion I had for internet. The vehemence in me, the attraction for internet,…

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