Common Content Related Issues on a Website Revealed! All Thanks to Content Auditing in 2019

Content Auditing

TechsPlace | The most lucrative thing about working with a full-time digital marketer is that you get the chance to audit different websites. Clients can come up to you with several different website problems and in order to resolve them, you need to perform a strict audit of their website and identify the potential problems. Now, as a digital marketing agency, you perform website audit in two basic ways; you perform SEO audits and Content Audits. Both of these audits help you choose the right content to rank on Google.…

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5 Mobile Apps Every Creative Designer Must Use

Creative Designer

TechsPlace | Whether you are a creative designer or a web artist or work in a creative industry, you need tools that can help you convert your ideas into designs and breathe new life into these designs. Thanks to the advancement in mobile app development New York, we now have mobile applications that help you do that. Here are the top five apps that every creative designer should install and use. Photoshop Sketch Do not be confused by its name, it is a photo editor. If you are a creative…

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4 Critical Web Design Aspects for Online Shopping Portals in 2018

Web Design Aspects

TechsPlace | 2017 is coming to an end and there are lots of issues that needs to be discussed regarding web design and its evolution in this year. While there were no breakthrough designs that made headlines, there were quite a few factors that gained prominence and become important for website designers and developers. While the general user may not be aware of these factors, I have tried to cover some of the most important aspects for their information. Secure Web Pages and Apps In the wake of several cyber-attacks…

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