7 Dangerous Cyber Security Threats That Businesses Should Guard Against In the Future

Cyber Security

TechsPlace | News of data breaches and cyber attacks made headlines in the news more frequently than ever before. That is not good news for businesses. Cyber security experts agree that malicious attacks will become more sophisticated with the passage of time, making it more difficult to protect your digital assets against them. All this reinforces how important a cyber security plan really is in such a situation. It is quite unfortunate to know that most don’t have a cyber security plan and strategy, which leave them at the mercy…

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Run Your Business Like An Expert With These Free Task Management Tips

Task Management

TechsPlace | Running a business is certainly a lucrative opportunity for too many sane people around the globe, and it presents some really rewarding benefits too. Provided with the rise in the entrepreneurial spirit around the globe, we could see so many people pooling in to get their hands dirty in the opportunity. Entrepreneurial ventures have shown a glowing path to success especially to freelancers. Entrepreneurial ventures provide the independence to free-lancers, something that they are fond of experiencing and provide them an opportunity to earn extra. But with the…

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