Best Firewall Routers For Business

Firewall Routers

TechsPlace | Today, a lot of small business have started coming up and there are a lot of start-ups as well which have started providing services and products in the market. The primary resource for all these markets remains to be the internet and all these organizations depend on the wireless internet for the connectivity. One of the major risks faced by these organizations is the network risk because of lack of network protection. The network needs to be protected against all the ransom ware and other threats. It is also advisable to have a firewall router for the small business at it would protect the organization against threats like these.

Some of the Features of Firewall Routers

  • Antivirus Protection – Many of the firewall routers comes with antivirus which scans the downloads and emails for viruses that may infect the system. This is an added protection provided to the business in addition to the normal antivirus which is installed on the system.
  • Web Filtering – This feature basically enables you to control the websites that are being accessed by the employees. For example, many organizations do not allow the use of social networking websites as that can impact the productivity negatively hence it has become really important for a business to enable web filtering.
  • IPS – The firewall router also comes with Intrusion Prevision service which scans the incoming traffic and that ensures that all the risk related to the network intrusion are mitigated. This is one of the hard to find feature but it is really beneficial to have it as malware are impacting several business these days.
  • Reporting – A firewall also enables the reporting and analysis of the network. This means that you will be notified if there is an attack on the network or if any of the virus is detected. This will enable you to secure the nodes and the networks
  • VPN – One of the main advantages of VPN is that it allows remote access of desktop from home or any other location. VPN helps you in connecting with such a network and it is of great use if you are setting up remote offices or factories. The feature is also beneficial when your employees working from the field.

Best Firewall Routers Available in Market

Since we have understood the features of the firewall router, let us now look at some of the fastest wireless routers available in the market.

  1. ZYXEL 300 MBPS Wireless Router N Gigabit Firewall VPN Router VFG6005N

This router from ZYXEL is good enough for a small office or a home and it can effectively guard the network against any unauthorized request. The router is available at a very affordable price and it is possible to maintain 32 IPsec VPN Tunnels and 16 PPTP VPN Tunnels without needing any of the IT Professional. The router also provides 300 Mbps Wireless N Technology and a support for dual SSIDs. The router comes with 1 Gigabit port along with 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports. Another added advantage of the router is that you can connect your 3G or 4G modem to this in the case of network failure.

  1. Cisco RV110W A NA K9 Small Business RV 110W Wireless n VPN Firewall Router

Next on our list is a router from Cisco and this is the best one for the people who want a VPN Network for small business. The router also provides a stable wireless connection in the office and in addition to this, it also has a provision for quality of service settings. Another advantage of this device is that it supports IPsec and PPTP VPN Tunnels which can help you to create different VPN for different types of users. In addition to this, the wireless router also comes with Gigabit Ethernet port which helps you in getting the fastest speed out of the router. The router has a customizable firewall and it is really a great piece of technology available in the market

  1. Fortinet FortiWIFI 60E Firewalls for the SMB – Connected UTM

This is one of the most preferred Wi-Fi Router which is available in the market. The router is actually made for small business clients and it offers a lot of features. In addition to this, the protection offered by this router is surely the best in class. The router comes with 2 WAN Ports, 1DMZ Port, and 7 Internal RJ 45 Ports. In addition to this, the company also provides a year’s forticare and fortiguard protection with this device. The router is priced at around 850 American Dollars and it is easily available through offline retails as well as through e-commerce websites.