How to Get Apple News App on iOS 10 Outside US?

Apple News App

TechsPlace | Apple News is a great digital tool at a single place but it is currently available in the US, UK, and Australia. If you’re looking to avail it outside the US then follow the steps mentioned in this article. Apple News If you’re looking the one stop solution for your iOS 10 to get all the latest information and news without any third party app, then Apple News is the best solution.  Apple News is responsive and enjoyable to use. It loads incredibly fast as it uses the…

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The Best iOS Apps That You Should Use

iOS apps

TechsPlace | An iPhone or iPad are not loaded with the best apps then it is for sure that you are not utilizing your gadget to the fullest. There are innumerable apps that can be loaded on your iPhone or iPad to maximize the benefit of the gadget. There are a number of apps that are available to load into your iPhone and iPad. If the widely used social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are in your mind then there are yet many more apps for you to use.…

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