Google Allo

TechsPlace | Google Allo is a useful instant messaging app. It helps you to send the messages and express yourself with stickers, doodles, text and emojis. Allo brings the Google Assistant which asks for GIFs, jokes, news and weather update and setting the reminders. Now, it is finally available on the Desktop as well provided you have an android device. It is recommended to use the latest Android version for using the web version of Google Allo. For iPhone users, Google said that Allo will be coming soon. So now you can converse on the desktop also putting down your phone aside.

Here is the quick process to connect Google Allo app on your desktop.

  1. Visit on your desktop
  2. Open the Allo app on your android phone, drop down the menu and tap Allo for the web.
  3. Scan the QR code displayed on your phone to your desktop.

Within a few seconds, your Allo account will sync with your desktop. You can easily sign out from the Allo by opening it on the phone, selecting “Allo for the web” and tapping the trash icon next to the browser you want to remove.

The limitation of Google Allo app is if you shut down your phone or the battery dies then browser version of Allo app dies too. It is just a browser tab and not an app and there is still no way to have the “always on” connection mode to the Allo or on a chrome extension. Allo only works for the Chrome browser and people having other browsers such as Edge, Safari and Firefox cannot access it.

The desktop version has most of the Allo features which you would expect, such as stickers, ability to attach pictures and emojis. You can also message the Google Assistant, which is listed as a contact, but it lacks most of the upgrades such as third-party app integration. It has arrived on the phone and Google Home versions over the past year only.  Allo supports AI software that allows users to gather information such as news, movie times, restaurants, directions, and much more.

According to The Next Web, some of the features of Google Allo will remain the mobile exclusive and they are listed below.

  1. Connecting, Switching or removing the Google Accounts.
  2. Backing up your information
  3. You can’t remove or add the members from an existing group.
  4. Privacy and notifications settings
  5. Some of the chat features aren’t available on the desktop. They are taking a photo, delete the conversation. It also doesn’t have features such as starting a chat with someone who’s not in your contacts, blocking the contacts.

The desktop version also doesn’t support Allo’s “Wiper Shout” feature, which allows you to change the size of the text.

Allo was built for the developing world but still advertised to everyone. The feature doesn’t work in countries where there are multiple connected devices are used normally.

Now you know the process, features availability and limitations. So, start utilizing the Google Allo on the web or on your desktop today.