Digital Marketing Ways to Boost Your Brand Awareness and Visibility

Brand Awareness

TechsPlace | Some brands have gotten so popular in their industries that people now call the names of these brands instead of the generic term for that product. For instance, most people say Kleenex instead of tissue, Coke instead of cola, Legoinstead of plastic blocks, Band-Aid instead of bandage; the list is inexhaustible. But what made these brands so well known to this point? Well, they realized how important brand awareness is and was able to employ strategies that made them the most popular brand in their niches.

Brand awareness simply means how familiar consumers are with a particular brand name. That is to say, it is how a brand is recognized by the target audience. Having enough visibility is what eventually pushes your brand’s awareness to a point where everyone knows the name. This often leads to increased sales.

Now, almost everything can be done digitally and marketing hasn’t been left behind. Many brands now use digital marketing to increase their brand’s visibility and eventually awareness. This is because they know that almost everyone uses the internet now. As of 2021, the internet had a whopping figure of 4.9 billion users worldwide (click here to find out more about this). Hence, brands have a chance to reach millions of potential customers on the internet through digital marketing.

In this article, we will be discussing digital marketing ways or channels with which you can promote your brand’s visibility and awareness. Let’s get right into it.


1. SEO

Every single day more than 3 billion queries are processed by Google. Now, imagine when someone makes a query looking for a solution and your product or service pops up as something that can help solve the problem. This means several thousands of potential consumers will get to learn about you.

But this can’t happen without a lot of underground work being done. The vehicle that is used to achieve this kind of visibility on Google is search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO.

With SEO, your brand’s website is optimized so that it begins to rank on Google which will make it show up in search engine result pages (SERPs). However, this digital marketing method is quite competitive and it most often takes some time before results get seen.

But, once your brand’s website is ranking on Google’s first SERP, you’ll start seeing significant improvement in your brand’s visibility. The brand awareness that will be gotten most often will be relevant because the people that will be viewing your products and services will be those looking for that kind of product or service.

SEO results may take a long time to achieve, however, once you take your time, you’ll get to reap the benefits eventually. The good news is that once your site’s authority is built to the point where it’s on the first page, staying on this page is easy.


2. PPC

PPC is short for pay-per-click. You can think of it as the paid brother of SEO. Both SEO and PPC drive visibility in search engines. SEO’s focus is organic results whereas PPC will make your brand pop up in paid results. Usually, paid results are top of the pages, so users see them before they go down to see organic results.

With PPC, you can just pay for a top spot instead of working for it. This means you can get brand visibility faster with PPC than you would with SEO. If done right, you can pop up on the first page on the very first day your ads are put up.


3. Content Marketing

This method is a channel for digital marketing in itself and it’s also what supports other channels that have been discussed so far. With SEO, quality content helps you target keywords while keeping the website fresh and Google likes this. Other websites will also link to your sites more, this will make you rank better.

With content marketing, you can reach out to prospective customers with relevant content when they are making queries related to the services or products you offer. This first contact will not just help with awareness, but can also help build the trust of these potential customers in your brand. So, when they eventually want to make a purchase, they most likely will think of your product or service first.


4. Social Media

Several people use several social media platforms, and in a day, these people will visit at least one of these platforms and spend a lot of time there. Because of how long people spend on social media platforms, marketing on them has become one of the many ways brands push their awareness and visibility digitally.

With social media marketing, you’ll need to find out where your target audience spends the most time and then make this your target channel. Then, promotions and content from your websites will be shared here to increase your awareness. While doing this is important, for the best results, you’ll also need to interact with others on the platform.

That means this involves both self-promotion and relationship-building. Your social media page will be used to put out content that your audience will find useful. It will also be used to engage in relevant discussions. When this is done properly, your following will increase, ultimately increasing your brand’s visibility.

Advertising is also done on social media, and just as PPC is the paid brother of SEO, this is also the paid brother of marketing done on social media. Almost every social media platform has options for advertising; these are mostly pay-per-click as well. Like PPC, they also have targeting options that ensure that your message is shown to those interested in the product or service you offer.


Which Should You Choose?

The method you decide to use depends on several factors including your brand’s needs. You can also choose to use more than one method based on what you need. Regardless of what you choose, you most likely will need to work with digital marketing experts to ensure the desired results are gotten. You can check out Drive Creative Agency to learn more about what digital marketing experts can offer you.



Digital marketing can help you achieve the desired awareness and visibility that your brand needs. Several digital marketing methods like SEO, PPC, Social media, content marketing, among others can be used to achieve this.