What is the ITIL certification and why do you need it?

ITIL certification

TechsPlace | When it comes to understanding the top standards for IT Service Management related frameworks, ITIL certification is the first thing that comes to mind. This certification guide will help you understand the certifications involved in the current version of ITIL as well as ITIL certification options required to make a big splash in the field of ITIL Certification, ITIL Course or ITIL Training.

Understanding ITIL Certification, ITIL Course and ITIL Training

ITIL stands for information technology infrastructure library and comes across as the most preeminent Framework when it comes to IT Service Management delivery system around the world. ITIL defines the life cycle structure that describes specific activities and process involved in the delivery, development, design and support for IT related services.

With that adoption of ITIL, company ensures that proper services are delivered as per a set of well-defined as well as, consistent processes, which in turn incorporates practices or service to users.

Before discussing the details of the certification, it is important to understand how ITIL training or ITIL service framework structure and what exactly it can do to you.

  • ITIL dates back to the 1980s and it was established as a means to put forward a number of standard practices for IT services that government agencies could employ
  • ITIL certification life cycle comes with 5 standard areas for practice with underlying principles for each phase

Strategy of Service

This phase focuses on service definitions as strategic assets and helps maintain and implement the same. The strategy also controls principles and processes, governance and compliance, as well as policies, culture and decision-making.

The Service Transition Range

It covers the changes from development to public operations that includes quality control and testing.

Service Operations

The phase defines Service Management once the company goes into production well as addressing service operational processes that include access management, application life cycle management and incident response.

Service Improvement Phase

In ITIL certification domain, the service at this stage defines the latest requests for preceding phases of operations and upping service levels while also ensuring the procedures and policies are duly followed.

IT professionals who come with an ITIL certification or have completed ITIL training courses have always had huge value added to the resume. Since the time that big corporations have adopted the framework, this has become almost a mandatory standard for success in the field. The best bit about ITIL certification is that it comes across as a valuable cert for professionals even if they are CIOs or admins. With ITIL Certification, ITIL Course or ITIL Training, you gain access to a wide understanding of the landscape and service design documentation plants in the IT sector.

ITIL certification or ITIL training will provide you better credentials to become an IT project manager and you gradually rise out of the trenches of IT with each passing day. ITIL certification can be accessed via the ITIL foundation course, ITIL practitioner course, ITIL Intermediate course and ITIL expert course and finally the ITIL master course.

Formal training in ITIL can be accessed via self-learning based online courses or even through Distance Education courses. Of course, you always have the classroom courses available for ITIL certification and ITIL training.