5 Unknown Facebook Features Your Business Is Missing


TechsPlace | Facebook is a great platform to thrive any business with its myriad features. But it is crucial to take an advantage of some of them which can contribute to the growth of the business in quick time. Here are the five unknown features which you should start taking an advantage to stay ahead in the competition.

  1. Audience Insights Tool

Audience Insights is a free tool available in Ads Manager to get the more information about the target audience. This tool provides the insights about the demographics, geography, purchase activity and more. You can narrow down the audience to know who your target audience is and which pages they like on Facebook. These useful insights will help to learn about your existing clients and about their interests. This will help to save a lot of time and money and in targeting the right audience by placing the ad accordingly.

  1. Facebook Messenger Ads

It provides an opportunity to connect with your potential customers instantly and provide a personalized experience. You can answer their queries, schedule meetings and continue the conversations on messenger app. Utilize the Facebook Messenger ads for the re-targeting audience who visited your sales page but didn’t make a purchase. It is the also the best way to build the long lasting relations with the customer by almost replying them instantly.

  1. Facebook Live Marketing

Facebook Live is going viral these days and people are looking to incorporate this feature to grow their business. You can easily create and pre schedule Facebook Live streaming. Pre-scheduling helps to notify the subscribers to tune your video by knowing it in advance. This helps you to increase the views so that you get most out of your videos. You can broadcast live video by inviting viewers and asking them to tap the subscribe button and connect with you.

Improve the video by creating a compelling title and a call to action. Utilize the videos for QAs, How to-s, product demos or breaking news. You can also edit and amplify the reach of your video. Re-purpose your video by highlighting key points, embedding it on Facebook posts and sharing it on all the social media channels.

  1. In-stream Video Ads

It provides the prime advertising space to reach the audience by allowing advertisers to deliver 5-15 seconds ads within live and non-live videos on Facebook. With the right ad placement, you can also make the video ad viral. It can build the strong brand awareness as viewers will have to watch the entire ad as it is shown in between the non-live and live video.

  1. Facebook Product Shops

You can now sell your products directly on Facebook page by setting the product shop in just a few clicks. During set up, you can choose whether you want people to directly make a purchase or you want them to complete the checkout on the website. In fact, you can showcase your products to a larger audience who follow your Facebook page. This feature can be utilized in a better way by using the custom audience date from the audience insight tool.

The best thing about this feature is that it is absolutely free as Facebook don’t charge you for this. This is the best solution for those who don’t have a website or the people who want to avoid paying the high fees for Etsy and Shopify.

You can also combine the Product shop feature with Facebook live. Through this feature, you can tag the product in the live stream video allowing people to directly access your product and make a purchase. You should amplify the reach of the viewers to target the right audience. Therefore, this will help to increase the visibility and boost the sales.

Final Thoughts

Explore and utilize the above key features and reshape the way you perform the Facebook marketing to reach the target audience and build your brand.