Everything You Need to Know About Kaspersky Free Antivirus Software


TechsPlace | In honor to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, Kaspersky lab released the free version of its antivirus software in the US. They are also planning to roll it out globally over the next four months.

In the free version, you can avail the basic protection against the infected files and malicious sites. It provides free and fast protection for you and your PC by protecting your personal information. It provides the high level of security without slowing down your device along with automatic updates.

But in the free version, some features are not available such as parental controls, payment protection options and secure online transactions, virtual private network (VPN).

Therefore, Kaspersky Lab believes that their free version will not be able to compete with the premium versions as it doesn’t have all the aforementioned features.

Here is the list of key features of Kaspersky’s free version of antivirus software you should know before downloading it.

Key Features of Kaspersky Free Antivirus Software

  1. Automatic Blockage

On the internet, every second there is a hacking or malicious attack which requires protection. There is an automatic blockage for infected files and dangerous downloads. There is a high-level security which warns about the malicious websites and applications and blocks them completely.

  1. Protect Your Personal Information

If you are using personal or working email then protecting your personal identity is crucial. Whenever you open an email or visit a website, Kaspersky antivirus keeps your email safe by scanning all the emails. It blocks the phishing websites that try to steal your identity or money.

  1. Award Winning Security

There is a high level and award winning security by Kaspersky which is designed in such a way to protect your identity and device. Your PC protects you and your data from the most common and dangerous threats by providing real time data directly from the cloud.

  1. High Performance

The performance of Kaspersky free version of antivirus has the high-class performance. In fact, its security is optimized that won’t slow down the devices.

  1. Protection

There is a basic protection against dangerous files and malicious websites. Removable devices, emails, instant messages are scanned properly before opening incoming files. This helps in preventing the phishing and foreign executables that intrude as entry points.

This antivirus is absolutely free but data collections can be used as where there lies the real value. Kaspersky claims that software is light on ads but they may be utilizing the larger user base in order to improve the machine learning capabilities. This is important for detecting the malicious software by collecting information about threats from the end users.

The free version of Kaspersky’s software is available to everyone now. But the language specific versions will be available later this year. In fact, it will be rolled out in different parts of the world over the next four months. So that people can avail it in their own language and utilize it for the protection of their devices.

You can easily download this free antivirus from the Kaspersky’s website where they also offer other useful tools for free.