10 Best Android Gaming Apps of 2017

TechsPlace | Playing games on the smartphone or any other gadget is becoming very popular among every generation. Be it a kid, an adult or an elderly person all like playing games. The best to play games online can be paid or free.It does not bar people to spend money to buy games. Every person who is into Android gaming wants to have the latest version and the best newest games for themselves.

Some very popular games of 2017 are listed below.

  • Ace Attorney– Ace attorney is there with a newer version of dual destinies on the Google Play. This year it is a 3D game with the same name. It has the same features, story lines, situations, game-play techniques as the original one. Phoenix Wright is still there with whom you play the game with.You have to find the corrupt court system and find justice. The mobile version comes with an extra episode and some other add-ons. The game is expensive costing a $19.99 and the Amazon digital code on 3DS is selling the same game for $29.99. An interesting game to be played for sure.


  • Angry Bird Evolution– This game is basically a mixture of every Angry Birds game series that have been launched before.It has some little mixes and techniques from most of the games that have come before but the core of this game is of collecting cards. You collect birds in form of cards and the battle with the pigs continues as before. The story line progresses as we progress through higher levels. It also has multiplayer online options, weekly events and much more. It’s a free game and people who have enjoyed the Angry Birds series before will enjoy this as well.

  • Asphalt Street Storm Racing– Asphalt is one of the latest popular car racing game online. The players here are racing with each other. It is a fast and fierce game. This game involves 4 players at a time, please. They can bet money on each game. The levels of the game are made harder by introducing some weather elements. It is a game for adventure loving people who also love racing and driving.


  • The Elder Scrolls Legends– This is a new card game by Bethesda. This game very much resembles Clash Royale and Hearthstone. Here the player needs to collect cards, build a deck and win S supremacy over the opponent. It is a fun game for people who like playing cards. Going through the upper levels, the cards become more powerful. This game has been giving a tough competition to the other games online.


  • Farming Simulator 18– It is the latest game where you need to do farming and maintain a farm. For this, u get machines and helpers to help you out in the farming. You can also produce and grow and sell crops. Milk and wool from cows and sheep can be sold. The player can breed pigs for sale too. It is a multiplayer game which connects your friends through WiFi or Bluetooth to play together. Playing this game can be very interesting this game comes for a very nominal price of $4.99.


  • Ghouls’n Ghost Mobile– this game is a newer better version of the Classic Arcade game. Rules and playing modes are mostly same as of the older version. Here you play as the Knight and you are required to kill and finish ghouls, ghosts, and other monsters. There have been many improvements made in the mobile version. The playing mechanics have been made better than The Arcade version. The difficulty modes have been increased and there are more boss fights in the new game. It can be purchased for $ 1.99 only.


  • Mordheim: Warband Skirmish– This is a totally strategy based game where there are 3 mercenary factions and you battle the other two being one of them. We can have a war band, we can name them and train them to fight for us. This is a very tough game and it is totally free game on your Google store.


  • Pokemon: Magikarp Jump-This is a simple game where we need to bring the Magikarp to jump higher than the others. You need to train your Magikarp to do this. In this game, other Pokemon keep giving an appearance to help you out while you are training your Magikarp. It is a game when you need to sit back, relax and stress out. It is a free game app.

A vast choice of favorite games can give every player the choice of their area of interest in games. So what are you waiting for? Get going to enjoy the one you like best. Its happy gaming and happy playing time for all of you!  Have fun!