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SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of web pages in the search engines. This increase the position of web pages in the search engine result pages and drive the massive organic traffic to the site. There are mainly two important techniques performed by our SEO services.

  1. Off Page SEO
  2. On Page SEO

SEO Services

Off Page SEO Services

Off page SEO techniques are not performed directly on the site but help to improve the authority of the site on the web. Here are some of the off page SEO services we offer to build an online reputation of your site.

  1. EDU Scholarship Campaign

EDU Scholarship campaign helps to build high authority links. It is basically a promotion of the scholarship page that you need to build for your home website. There are numerous benefits of scholarship campaigns such as rapidly boosting the quality of referring domains, improve trust flow and fast ranking improvements. The best thing about this SEO service is that in quick time you can get the fast results for the authority improvements.

edu scholarship campaign

  1. Guest Post Services

It is an article published by the site on other authoritative sites.  This is an old but still an effective off page SEO technique. The reason is by publishing a high-quality article; it creates the image of the brand as an expert in the industry.  We publish the guest post and help you to drive the traffic and popularity amidst a larger audience.

  1. Non Content Link Building

As the name suggests, it is a link building without using the content. It includes activities such as forum participation, blog commenting, citation link, business listing,etc. We also help to build the links by relationship building. We will build citations by adding the Name, Address, Phone Number and Website and keeping it consistent on all the authoritative sites. This is an important and effective technique especially for small businesses to improve the authority and rankings.Non content

  1. Social Media Engagement

We will add social sharing buttons on the appropriate places as this is necessary to encourage the social sharing by the users. When they share the posts on their favorite social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc, then they mention your brand name. This helps to improve the authority of the site and social media engagement. People prefer the user generated content on social media channels before making a purchasing decision.

We will also build quality links on the main social media channels to improve the presence of your brand. These links will also add credibility and the strong online reputation on the web.

Social Media Engagement

On Page SEO Services

The techniques that are performed on the site directly are considered as the on page SEO. This is important to improve the visibility of the site in the search engines. Here are some of on page SEO services we offer.

  1. Page Titles

The title is blue color heading appear in the search results. It is the key element in on page SEO as it helps to rank higher in the search engines. Optimization of the title is crucial by keeping it under the 60-70 characters and adding the main keyword naturally. We understand the importance of this and create magnetic titles that appear higher in the search results and drive traffic.

seo services

  1. Heading Tags

Heading tags are from H1- H6, where H1 has the highest priority and H6 has the lowest. But for the SEO, H1 to H3 heading tags are the most important. We will help you to optimize these tags as they boost the rankings in the search engine result pages.

Heading Tags

  1. Meta Descriptions

This is 2-3 lines description having 150-160 characters that appear below the title. It should contain only one main keyword and we will make it compelling enough to get the most clicks. This will increase the click through rate of the web pages and thus the rankings in the search engines.

Meta Descriptions

  1. URL Structure

It is important to keep the URL short, simple and clean. We will optimize the URL by placing the main keyword once in the URL and make it searchable.

URL Structure

  1. Content

Creation of high quality and relevant content and its optimization is equally important. It is important to optimize the content by maintaining the keyword density and keyword proximity. We follow the latent semantic indexing process as it helps the search engines to identify content’s context and synonyms related to the main keyword. We understand the importance of readability and make the content easy to read.


Other Services

  • WordPress Development and Customization

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. The reason is that it is easy to use and manage. We will help you to install the best WordPress plugins and provide the maintenance and technical support. We will also help to customize the theme according to your industry.

wordpress development

  • Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords is the best way to generate the quick traffic and conversions by reaching the target audience. There are numerous benefits of Google AdWords such as improving the ROI, cost effective and highly measurable to improve the performance. We will set up your campaigns, improve quality score, and create the landing pages that convert and monitor the campaigns. We will perform the continuous testing to maximize the conversions.


  • Google Analytics Management

It is important to monitor the traffic and improve it to take the site to a whole new level. We understand the importance of this and identify the popular landing pages, pages with the most time spent, high click through rates and high traffic sources. We will help in tracking the goals and conversions and improve them through proper analysis. All these lead to providing the better content to the users and drive massive traffic which means more leads or sales.

Google Analytics Management

With our SEO services, you will get the hands on strategy, planning and its right execution to grow your brand and take it to the new heights. So contact us today!