How to Migrate G Suite Business to Office 365 Productivity Suite?

g suite business to office 365

TechsPlace | Both G Suite and Office 365 are cloud productivity suites with collaboration tools. But they seem to have established a domain in different business levels. While G Suite is the most preferred cloud suite for small scale industries, Office 365 with its ability to work offline has established itself at the enterprise level. Medium-scale firms that start with G Suite gradually switch to Office 365 with increasing scalability. Here, we will demonstrate how to migrate G Suite business to Office 365 account. The focus will be on email…

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Effective Way to Backup Photos to Google Drive (G Suite)

backup photos to google drive

TechsPlace | Question’s that users frequently ask on how to backup photos to google drive? My company project contains a lot of images & I don’t want to lose a single bit of data. May be due to system crashing or hard drive corruption I don’t want to lose my data. So, I decided to take its backup. Is there any solution that can upload the complete project as well as backup photos to Google Drive (G Suite). I am working in a Small Enterprise and my office is shifting their location…

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Easy Ways on How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically

Gain Instagram Followers

TechsPlace | Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives and whether its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform, people are always in a race to increase their followers be it for marketing or other purposes. These platforms are a very productive way of growing one’s business and do marketing because of the sheer number of people using these platforms. Here we are going to tell you how marketers and business people can gain followers to expand their approach on Instagram. Instagram is a popular…

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How to Make Your Work in Photoshop More Effective


TechsPlace | Sometimes, immersed in routine work, we miss some moments and stop learning. And in vain, because some interesting and useful features of Photoshop can really help and speed up the process of creating a design. And after the release of the sixth version of our favorite graphic editor, there are new and very useful features that will help make your work more efficient. Today we talk about the new features of Photoshop CC (2020.21.0), as well as remember the old ones. Customize your Workspace You probably know that…

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How to Update Old Content to Improve SEO?

Improve SEO

TechsPlace | So, you’ve created an amazing piece of content and hoped it would go viral. Unfortunately, even though it attracted lots of quality links, shares, and traffic, it didn’t meet your expectations. What happened? Well, the answer is simple. No matter how quality your content is, it competes with millions of other online posts. The study by Martech Zone says that 3.3 million Facebook posts, 1,440 WP articles, 500 hours of YT videos are uploaded every 60 seconds. The online marketing landscape has become increasingly competitive, not letting your…

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How to Choose The Right eCommerce Platform to Develop a eCommerce App?

eCommerce Platform

TechsPlace | The eCommerce industry growing at a tremendous rate, with around 62% of users who own a Smartphone have made a purchase using their device in the last six months. Therefore, if you own a physical store, this is the best time to shift your business online and find out the Right eCommerce Platform. In other words, you should develop an eCommerce site for your business to reach potential customers. But, before you develop a website, it is crucial to select the best eCommerce platform. As of now, there…

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How to Download Videos from YouTube?

Download Videos from YouTube

TechsPlace | YouTube is among the social tool which binds the online user together. It is one of the significant inline sites, which shares the videos. It also allows you to download or upload a video. YouTube was launched in 2005. With the time YouTube has gained tremendous popularity. YouTube is introducing 83 million visitors every month. There are billions of videos present on YouTube. YouTube a platform where you can get every related video, what you dream for, and looking for. Also, the power of YouTube is to create…

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