Is Lucky Patcher is Safe for us?

Lucky Patcher

TechsPlace | I know most of you have probably tried downloading lucky patcher and maybe got a warning message from Google chrome that is warning you from downloading this app, since it can be a malware, and the idea of malware being fresh from our mind because of ransomware, that affected the whole world, it‘s ok to be wary. So now you probably wondering whether lucky patcher is safe, well below we will delve into lucky patcher in detail and see whether it’s safe for installation.

What is a lucky patcher?

It is an app that lets you install custom patches that help you overrule license verification and not only use the pro version but also use it for free. Additionally, I know most of you have experienced games that are good but get boring with the enormous amount of adverts they hold, well with this app you have the ability to delete those ads and enjoy your games without disturbance. It is crucial to note that lucky patcher only works on apps that store their data on your phone and not online.

Is lucky patcher safe?

Yes, it is fairly safe, a lucky patcher is a tool that was developed to prevent other apps from taking advantage of users. It is not available in Google play store because it manipulates other apps that are in the play store. The only way that app developers get to earn is through the play store, so if lucky patcher changes the internal systems of apps by giving users a pro version for free or even deletes ads from other apps, how will the developers earn? Additionally, Google chrome recognizes almost every apk file you download as a virus or a malware, so don’t worry about the warning window just download it; though in most cases you won’t experience this because the developers have set the app as a zip file so it will download easily.

How does Lucky Patcher work?

It is a well-known hacking app that was designed to hack androids and enjoyed amazing features too. This has an amazing feature to unlock unwanted ads on smartphones, transforming applications, changing authorizations of the app, evading license, and many more. This is perfect to hack android-based games. The numbers of gamers are enjoying this app because they are earing great as gold, gems, cash, etc. by slashing the games.

It is originally instructed and coded app that used to remove or replace the original code of games with hacked ones. Let us learn with an example, suppose you want to hack an app to block ads and you used Lucky Patcher. This will remove the original code of ads of that app. Or if you need to block system apps, the lucky Patcher can remove the code of that part which shows system apps. It doesn’t matter what you want to block on the app, this will work similarly in all cases.

Must keep in mind, it doesn’t block the server. This can be used only to remove ads or features which are AutoSaved on the smartphone. If you are thinking of to hack server, this means the whole database, so it is impossible.

Top Features of Lucky Patcher

It has in-built great features that are mentioned below:

  1. With Lucky Patcher, the user can block/hack the numbers of games or the Google play store and download the numbers of games or premium applications or content completely free.
  2. If you are a gamer, then lucky Patcher can be a smart money-making app for you. The more you hack the games, the more you can earn gold, cash, special vouchers, bonuses, and more.
  3. With this, all the unwanted ads, videos, notifications will be removed on the app.
  4. This allows the users to shift apps from one storage place to another.
  5. It also helps users to run a backup of files or documents.
  6. With the blocking of wanted ads and data on the app, the storage memory of phone boost up and help the device to work faster.
  7. With this app, the hacking of apps and getting apps for free also possible.

How to hack app with Lucky Patcher?

Nowadays, no one person sees you without a smartphone. Google Playstore provides a wide range of games both in paid and unpaid versions. Some games are highly fantastic that you need to play more and more, but they will ask you for the deposit. If you need to enjoy the full features or pro version then here we are sharing some good tricks to use Lucky Patcher.

First Method- Root access

  1. First, launch the Lucky Patcher app to access root.
  2. Now, launch the app which you need to add as a pro version.
  3. Visit to purchase the catalog and click on the buy button.
  4. The lucky Patcher launches itself and it will ask the message, do you want to try the free feature.
  5. Click on the yes button and the files will be rooted.

Another method

  • Download the Lucky Patcher app from here.
  • Open the app and select patches.
  • Then you will see a message related to the system and click on the ok button.
  • Click on custom patch and select the support.
  • Now, reboot the device and run the first method.

Second Method

  1. If you have already installed the Lucky Patcher app, then launch it and open the app that you need to block or hack under app purchase.
  2. If the app is available for purchase, this will show you the results.
  3. Now, long tap on the app and select the patches.
  4. Here, you need to choose support patch and LVL imitation.
  5. Apply this patch and wait for it for finishes.
  6. The device will automatically reboot when the above process is finished.

After rebooting your device, you can buy the app for free from the purchasing window. In case you did not find custom patches, you can easily install it from the Lucky Patcher options menu. It is a safe and brilliant technique to buy the pro version of apps for free and remove unwanted ads.


Lucky patcher is fairly safe and apart from the normal issues where some apps may crash, it is a good app that would let you customize your device. It is important to note that it is only possible to install this app over a rooted device and as much as rooting is recommended it can cause some apps to misbehave but apart from the normal android challenges it is good, give this app a try it won’t disappoint.

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