Is Lucky Patcher is Safe for Us?

Lucky Patcher

TechsPlace | I know most of you have probably tried downloading lucky patcher and maybe got a warning message from Google chrome that is warning you from downloading this app, since it can be a malware, and the idea of malware being fresh from our mind because of ransom ware, that affected the whole world, it‘s ok to be weary. So now you probably wondering whether lucky patcher is safe, well below we will delve into lucky patcher in detail and see whether it’s safe for installation.

What is lucky patcher?

Lucky patcher is an app that lets you install custom patches which help you overrule license verification and not only use the pro version but also use it for free. Additionally, I know most of you have experienced games that are good but get boring with the enormous amount of adverts they hold, well with this app you have the ability to delete those ads and enjoy your games without disturbance. It is crucial to note that lucky patcher only works on apps that store their data on your phone and not online.

Is lucky patcher safe?

Yes it is fairly safe, lucky patcher is a tool that was developed to prevent other apps from taking advantage of users. It is not available in Google play store because it manipulate other apps that are in the play store. The only way that app developers get to earn is through the play store, so if lucky patcher changes the internal systems of apps by giving users a pro version for free or even deletes ads from other apps, how will the developers earn? Additionally, Google chrome recognizes almost every apk file you download as a virus or a malware, so don’t worry about the warning window just download it; though in most cases you won’t experience this because the developers have set the app as a zip file so it will download easily


Lucky patcher is fairly safe and apart from the normal issues where some apps may crash, it is a good app that would let you customize your device. It is important to note that it is only possible to install this app over a rooted device and as much as rooting is recommended it can cause some apps to misbehave but apart from the normal android challenges it is good, give this app a try it won’t disappoint.

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