Is It Right to Track My Child’s Phone Using Kid Tracker App?

Kid Tracker App

TechsPlace | At times, we hear parents worried about their kids’ academic performance. They are aware of the root cause; hence, the same question is heard over and over again- “how to track my child’s phone without them knowing with Kid Tracker App?” Some parents have resorted to kid tracker apps yet it’s relatively challenging to get rid of the problem without understanding if tracking of child’s phone is right or wrong. Why track the child’s phone in today’s digital scenario? As parents, we all worry about our kids. It…

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Benefits of Having Mobile App for your Real Estate Business

Mobile App

TechsPlace | The world economy is growing tremendously with mobility solutions. Yes, it has been a blessing in disguise for business for businesses around the world to promote their services with the help of mobile applications. Yes, all you need to do is to look for a reliable and professional mobile app development company in Dubai and get your business to cement its place in the industry. Mobile applications have exclusively become a very important part of our daily life and we are just so much incomplete without it. Yes,…

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iOS 12: Does Hardware & Update Will Change the iPhone App Development for Better?

iphone app development

TechsPlace | iPhone devices do not require any special introduction. Nearly all businesses who look to preface their own app are looking for iPhone app developers or iOS app development companies to get an app created. Let’s understand how the iPhone 12 version has elevated the business and users experience overall. Apple is a renowned brand in the global market. The company has a number of devices under their name including iPhone, iPads and more enabled with their own iOS platform. Since its inception, Apple has periodically updated its devices…

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Know Android Q Features and Working in Apps

Android Q

TechsPlace | Android is all set to roll on its next dice with the new Android 10 Beta 3 version that is Android Q. A fully-fledged release is planned to hit the market this season with major features for the tenth version. The most common changes which the users might notice the UI i.e. the dark mode and improved gestures. But there is a lot more to the major version apart from these minute changes. The basic aim is to meet the needs of the users along with rectifying all…

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Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger – The Best Monitoring App for Parents

Monitoring App for Parents

TechsPlace | The Android keylogger APK is a piece of software application that enables the user to collect all the keystrokes used on an Android device (the software is to be installed on the device). And it is the Best Monitoring App for Parents. Keylogger software is useful for any meaningful purposes such as monitoring kid’s smartphone by parents, or an employer monitoring their employees. What is the application keylogger phone? If you have any sensitive information in your smartphone, you can know who accessed the information using the software.…

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7 Programs to Make Free Educational Videos

Make Free Educational Videos

TechsPlace | If you are looking for ways to create free educational videos for class, do not miss this list of programs to make videos. Nowadays, it is not necessary to be an expert to create a video easily thanks to the Internet and the different platforms that exist. Today we are going to talk about some programs to make educational videos that you can find the most useful in the class. 1 – FlexClip, to create animated videos and presentations FlexClip is an online tool with which you can…

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Reasons Why iOS is More Secure Than Android

iOS more secure than Android

TechsPlace | Everybody knows that iOS and Android OS are one of the most common known competitors of one another. While all smartphones have some security risks, Android is more exposed to attacks, harms, and bugs. Android OS platform is on open source nature, and also the slow pace with which users update the OS makes Android more vulnerable to the hackers. There is no doubt that Android rules the smartphone market by occupying 75% of the world market share. But, I guess nobody knows bitter truth that this dominance…

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Why Progressive Web App Will Be Next Big Thing in Mobile Industry

Progressive Web App

TechsPlace | We are truly living in the digital era where mobile apps are playing a major role in human life. Progressive Web applications are as of now changing and improving the mobile application. Progressive web applications add to this change. Progressive mobile applications have picked up ubiquity as far back as they were launched in 2015. Hence organizations and mobile app development companies have just begun to move from local application to Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Progressive web applications load like an ordinary page. These applications feature pop-up messages,…

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