Emoji: History, Meaning, And Function


TechsPlace | Emoji has made a great impact on the digital world since its creation around the 1990s. This digital symbol somehow has the same function as the carvings on the wall of the cavemen, which gives creativity and emotion by depicting pictures or signs. The emoji wins the heart of younger generations and even the old ones for its adorable faces and their creatively made symbols. The emoji has a lot to offer, and it is continually changing together with its meanings. Some emojis do not only depict the…

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The Best PC Gaming Gadgets of 2020

Gaming Gadgets

TechsPlace | Gaming is easily one of the most common and most enjoyable hobbies anyone can have. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just starting to see what gaming as a hobby has to offer, you have to understand that gear/gaming gadgets matter. With the quick rise of the gaming industry, manufacturers and developers have started to output high-quality peripherals and gadgets that undoubtedly add a positive impact to the users’ experience. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best peripherals and gadgets that a…

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6 Top Tips to Consider Before Producing Your Vacation Video

Vacation Video

TechsPlace | Amidst the business of life, it has become challenging to go on a vacation and spend some quality time with family. When you get that once in a blue moon, you will surely love to capture those moments and produce a lovely vacation video so that you can cherish those marvelous moments and live them again along with your family. Be it a romantic trip, or a vacation with your family, producing a vacation video is undoubtedly a great idea. Well, it is not only about to shoot…

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A Quick Review of Commander One and its Features

Commander One

TechsPlace | To begin with, Commander One is basically a dual-pane manager developed entirely for macOS in the Swift dialect. This tool offers an FTP client Mac a seamless experience of data management. It helps you to delete, rename, copy as well as transfer files efficiently. This application is primarily built upon the dual-pane interface technology and is a very good substitute to the OS X file manager as well.  Besides, it also offers a few of the other privileges like hotkeys setup, multiple tab browsing, ZIP backup, etc. Some…

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A Great Newcomer Tutorial to Favicons


TechsPlace | Everyone should be aware of those little icons that appear next to a website’s URL. While they might not seem like that big of a deal on the surface, the reality is quite different. Stemming from the term “favorite icons”, favicons play a much bigger role in your overall brand, business, and all that. If you have not had an opportunity to give that one a serious thought, this article should provide you with more than enough information and really show just how much of a difference it…

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