Best Alternatives for Google Play Store

Google Play Store

TechsPlace | Everyone knows about the Google Play Store. There is no need to tell about them. They are well known for Application and game store.

Sometimes, we need a break. We think there must be an excellent alternative to Google Play Store. So I am here for you that reason. Although, there are thousands of Application stores out there everyone want to test the best of the best to feel the best experience. Yes, that’s true Google Play Store Is the largest app store that holds almost about 3 million Android apps and games. They are Free to use mostly. So I will state the best alternatives for Google Play Store that can compete on the list.

But people also ask a question;

Why will anyone be interested in any other app store rather than Google play store?

While providing the vast numbers of application and software Google Play Store may not be able to offer you some apps, so you have to go to any other app store to find the application or software of your desire. In Short, you cannot download some specific applications on Google Play Store. And here comes the need to find the best alternative application stores for you.

And here is another important thing about the security;

There are thousands of applications and game stores present at the moment, but not all of them provide the best level of security. So we have to select carefully best of the best application stores. And the goal of this article is to provide the best names of the application stores.

Well if we are going to select some other stores so it should also meet the desired expectations of the users and the feature to use it free of cost. Applications should be free mostly. I think these reasons are enough to think why we should use these alternatives and why should only use these application stores while there are also present other application stores.

Best of the Best Alternatives for Google Play

Finally, the list is here. Where you can find the best, easy and simple games and applications including the all latest apps in the store while the interface of these app stores is also user-friendly.

This list is also made that keeping in mind about the high-security level and best features don’t hesitate in using these app stores listed below.


Aptoide is in the top of the list for years. This is the best app store for Android devices after the Google Play Store. It was online in 2009.

The applications which are listed on Google Play Store you can get all those apps on Aptoide. The reason to be on the top is it has a high level of security. And it can be the main reason for a good user to think about this store.

It provides you with the more than 800,000 application and games. And keeping in mind about high tight security, it has more than 150 million users and that are also increasing daily.

It is available on any Android device, and it can also be used to Computer because they had also developed their website for computer users.


APKMirror is also on the top list because of its excellent features and high rankings. They are competing for many years and successfully given a tough time. With the passage of time, they have made a very good reputation in this industry. The developers who list their applications and software here also list their products on Google Play Store so you can find that applications plus some specific applications that can’t be found on Google Play.

This app store includes a high number of applications and games with the best features and security. But one of the good things is it also has the old or previous versions of any app or games. Like some of the times we don’t like any specific updated application or software so wish to use the old version of that software. And this app store made this possible for us.


QooApp is the next big name. While I believe keeping in mind about their top features, this will top the list in some time. It does not just contain application and games but a vast variety of songs, movies, etc. It keeps you updated because of its feature that gives you latest news about current affairs.

As QooApp is a play store alternative so you cannot download it directly from the Google play store that is why here I am sharing the official site of the QooApp which you can use to get the application package of the app.

Ac Market

This is another super app store. This is not that much famous, but I hope it will be. It can be used in any low Ram devices because it is very lightweight.

“App Cake” developed it. It is effortless and straightforward to use. The team of App Cake keeps it updated regularly. It is very similar to Google Play store means there should not be any difficulty to use it. It is very user-friendly. It also has some of the application that is not listed on Google play store.

Amazon App Store

Amazon is a well-known e-commerce online store. It is the largest store online that can be trusted.

Amazon has also developed its Android phones specially named Amazon Fire Devices. It does not have Google Play Store built in. Instead, for that devices, the team of Amazon has developed Amazon App Store. This includes numbers of applications and games. These apps are the same that are present in Google Play Store. Amazon team has also made its high-security profile. You can use it both on Computer and on the android device too.


These are the alternatives that you can use in place of Google Play Store. These provide the same high security as Google Play Store.

I stated my choice of the list but if you think there should be any other store that deserves to be on the list. You can state me that.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Thank you!