Hire Android App Developer to Power Your Apps With Custom Functionalities

android app developer

TechsPlace | Businesses without a mobile app can face a lot of disadvantages while operating in the modern industrial culture. Whether it’s a promotion or retaining customers, an app can make things easy for businesses in any industry vertical. If your company is still wondering about a mobile app, it’s the right time to hire an android app developer for it.

As per recent studies and forecasts for coming years, Android apps will revolutionize markets all over the globe. Many ambitious businesses had already started benefiting from their mobile apps. They target customers worldwide by literally keeping their services just a click away from customers.

The world is recognizing the potential of hiring an android app development company. There are millions of apps listed on the app store and, hundreds of them hit it every day. The uniqueness of your app will be a decisive factor in its success.

There are many custom functionalities that you can use for your android applications. Today we will discuss a few custom functionalities that can help your app become an apple of the customers’ eyes. You can hire android app developer to ensure that you can have those functionalities on your business app.


What are the popular customizations your business app needs?


Custom Payment Gateways

Being a business owner, you must have some products or services to sell. Once you list the product and services on your business app, there should be a way to facilitate the users to purchase.

You might be thinking about the readily available payment gateways. Though they are a good option, you can think of a custom payment solution. It will help you overcome the drawbacks of already available payment gateways for android applications.


Push Notifications and Coupons

The digital industry is a competitive niche where you need to find ways to keep your users engaged. Push notifications and coupons can help you achieve customer retention. Promotions are also helpful for keeping the user experience up to the mark. You can hire an android app developer to integrate the extensions that allow push notifications for the users.


Multilingual Support

Being a business owner, you need to work on various expansion strategies. Targeting the customers beyond the borders of your home country must be a vital consideration for you. Though your app is available to users worldwide once it is listed on the app store, language can become a barrier.

Use the services of a reputed android app development company to integrate multilingual support for your business app. It will enable the users speaking different languages to access products and services with ease.


Product customizers and Size Charts

It is yet another customization to choose for your application for a better user experience. The product customizer tool and size charts help the customers get the products that are as per exact requirements. It also helps in reducing the chances of order cancellation, thus saving a lot of operational costs for you.

Moreover, it also provides an edge over your counterpart by creating trust in the user’s mind. There are hundreds of businesses that are using such tools for the betterment of their business.


Social Media Plugins

Social media can become a big contributor to the growth of your business. The apps that ignore the social media plugins may fail to exploit the benefits of social platforms. They will miss a huge platform to grow their consumer base and, we know that you don’t want to be part of the league.

Hire an android app developer so that he can integrate the social media pages and communities in your business app with ease. It will also help you to engage the users through social updates easily. It can also become useful to handle customer queries swiftly.


Latest Security Patches

You can’t afford to risk your applications to the threats and malware that haunt the digital industry. The Android app development company will help you use the latest security measures so that you can encounter such issues. They will ensure that your app is not affected by malware or hacking attempts. You can prevent the underperformance and downtimes that may occur when the appropriate security measures are not in place.


Custom Admin Dashboard

Hire Android app developers to develop a custom dashboard so that you can manage the app with ease. A custom dashboard helps you manage your customers, products, services, and much more from a single place. Though there are default dashboards for all app platforms, an experienced developer can make it much better.



These are a few customizations that help your business gain a competitive edge. Ensure to hire an android developer with enough experience to enjoy these customizations to your app. We will advise you to hire an android app development company for the best results for Android apps. When you have a full-fledged company by your side, you can benefit from the multi-talent pool of their large teams.