The Importance of Android App Development on Business

Android App Development

TechsPlace | The increasing popularity of mobile applications has led to a lot of revolutionary ideas in the world of technology. A lot of businesses are now running these innovative applications. This article will examine how Android app development is changing the flow of business across the globe.

A lot of user-friendly mobile phone applications are available for download on the Android Play Store as well as on Apple’s App Store. Thanks to the busy lifestyle of a lot of users and the ease of using these latest technologies, most people prefer to use their smartphones for various activities.

Because of this, Android app development is expanding in a huge way. The demand for tailored or custom apps has also risen because developers need to cater to the needs of top app development companies. This makes it easier to bring the latest innovations and technologies closer to the general public. A lot of growth has been predicted for mobile applications in 2017 as dictated by the most recent trends.

Trends Dictating the Growth of Android App Development

Here’s a look at some of the trends that dictated the growth of mobile applications in 2018:

  • Internet of Things

The IoT has revolutionized technology in a variety of ways. It has led to the creation of more innovative and smarter gadgets. The sensors and embedded chips on the device allow the exchange of data between the target gadget and the computer. Once the IoT is incorporated into android app development, the result will be a boost in industries like health, security, automotive, medicine and lots more.

  • The Rise of AI

Unlike machines, human beings don’t work according to a particular formula. Instead, we accomplish tasks set before us using our natural intelligence. Now, what if computers could also do the same? Well with Artificial Intelligence, it is entirely possible. Combing AI to app development allows these apps to function independently after understanding the user’s preferences and needs rather than adhering to a pre-set rule. Practical examples of this can be seen in apps like Google Now, Siri, Prisma, etc.

  • GPS Systems

Industries like retail, travel, security, often make use of location-based services. Companies in the sectors just mentioned making use of this service to access real-time information of the phone user. Services like this are some of what makes android app development essential in today’s society as they make the world a safer and more convenient place to live in.

  • Wearable Tech

The latest technological development has made it possible to access the intelligent features of a smartphone from a watch. This particular trend has been of great benefit to the medical and sports industry. The biometry and the fitness regime are easily tracked with these gadgets.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

The assimilation of VR and AR in mobile app development rattled the mobile industry. Thanks to these technologies, real-world environments can be simulated in the user’s mind. With VR, you can enjoy 3D movies as long as the technology is used together with a supporting gadget. AR makes games appear more realistic to the players.

  • Enhanced Security

Smartphones have pretty much replaced the calculator, wallet, and are an excellent alternative to a laptop. It gives users the opportunity to store confidential and personal data. As a result, the security of your phone is of the highest importance to prevent vandalization of your data. This is why Google stresses a lot of emphasis on Cybersecurity of Android apps which needs to be adequately maintained or it’ll lead to higher threats.

  • Lite Version of Apps

Some apps aren’t used as frequently as others, but they consume a good amount of your phone’s internal memory. To free up some of the memory space, liter versions are usually created by the app developer that allows the user to download a partial version of the app.

  • Payments

Android apps have made it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to receive payment. So if you forget to go out with your wallet, it’s not a problem. You can quickly make online payments using Android pay. It stores your credit/debit card information thereby making payment easier.

Benefits of Android App Development to Business

  • Easy Adoption

Android apps are written in java language thanks to a robust set of libraries. Just about anyone with Java knowledge can build an android app. A recent survey showed that many Java programmers find it easy to implement and write code for Android OS mobile applications. Java developers now realize the benefits of transitioning writing code script into a mobile app. It also makes it easier to include android application development services to an app.

  • Easy to Integrate

If you’ve been looking for web or smartphone application integration as well as complex technical customization, then an Android app may be just what you’ve been looking for. The entire Android OS is readily built for customization. You can tweak and integrate a mobile app to suit the specifications or needs of your business. A lot of developers agree that the best mobile platform between the process architecture and application is the Android platform. A lot of Android platforms give room for background processes making it easier to integrate an app.

  • Low Investment & High ROI

The entry barrier for Android is relatively low. Android is open-source software, and it freely provides its SDK (Software Development Community) to interested developers. This minimizes licensing and development cost. Development cost is usually divided into three levels or stages. You have the app development in the first step, testing is done in the second phase, while the third phase includes hardware cost for deploying and testing the mobile app.

  • Open Source

Alphabet, the parent company of Google and the owners of the Android OS made it an Open-source software. This means that developers can enjoy the best technology framework provided by the Android Community license and royalty-free. Because the Android SDK is an open-source framework, it means you can freely interact with the community to get the latest expansions of android application development. This is one of the many reasons why the platform is so attractive to wireless operators and handset manufacturers which in turn makes the development of Android-based phone to occur at a faster rate. It also gives developers a better chance to earn more.