Why Choose to Develop iOS Mobile Apps Over Android?

iOS Mobile Apps Over Android

TechsPlace | The iOS Mobile Apps Over Android debate is as old as well, the smartphone with strong believers on both sides of the fence defending their platform of choice.

Both systems have certain advantages over one another. Generally, though, iOS mobile apps outperform Android in a wide array of categories.

Here are some reasons why focusing on developing iOS apps may pay off more in the long run.


1. iOS Users Spend More On Apps

iOS users are largely more willing to spend money on apps than Android users. Android users are more likely to use pirated free versions of apps. That means fewer chances to recover your investment. Also, fewer profits for the Android app developer.


2. Apple Is Dominating the Market

There simply are more Apple phones in use in the USA than Android phones.

Apple currently holds the highest U.S. market share for cellular devices. That means more potential customers to purchase and use your app.

A study done in 2020 shows an average US household has 2.6 Apple devices. The same report by CNBC states that a minimum of 64% of Americans have at least one device by the Apple brand.

This is regardless of age, salary, ethnicity, and gender. All this means a larger iOS market and more initiative to develop apps for Apple products.


3. It’s Easier to Develop Higher-Quality Apps in iOS

When working for iOS systems, it is easier and more straightforward to develop a superior application. Coding is faster since the language is more readable. Programming languages used for iOS are mostly perceived to be easier to grasp.

This all allows you to focus on delivering a superior experience instead of nitpicking bugs and malfunctions from your app.


4.  The Singular Apple System

All iOS apps are developed to run on devices produced by a singular source: The Apple brand.

This diminishes a lot of complications that are built-in for Androids since the users download the apps on mobile phones manufactured by different companies.

Whether Apple processors are superior or not, what matters more is iOS is a system custom-made to work with the machines Apple makes. This fundamental difference between iOS and Android makes the decision to develop for iOS simpler.


5. You Don’t Have to Worry About Fragmentation

Apps developed for Android systems need as much as 189% more lines of code than apps developed for iOS platforms.

The reason is, the app will need to be customized for the large variety of android phones available on the market. Each of which might require different coding.

Developers have to abide by strict protocol to release the Android apps as well. This fragmentation makes development much more difficult and expensive for Android. Hence fragmentation is another thing you don’t have to worry about when developing exclusively for iOS.


6. Better Tech Support

Apple offers excellent after-sale service and tech support to its customers which attracts users to download iOS apps. This is another plus for focusing more on iOS applications. Your app will function more efficiently and effectively. And if there is any glitch, there will be support readily available for your users.


7. Better-Looking Apps

Apple as a brand has always focused on the aesthetics of their products as much as their practicality. Apps developed for iOS are easier on the eyes than Android apps. And it’s easier to design them better as well.


8. First Choice for Families

Apple offers outstanding parental controls thus making it the lead choice for families and parents. This makes them that much more likely to purchase an Apple product and hence, your app. This should incentivize you to cater more to iOS than to Android.


9. Fewer Bugs and Glitches

iOS platforms are less prone to app malfunctions than android phones. That means an exceptional performance of your app and fewer hang-ups.

It’s also a much safer system offering additional protections to its users. A 2018 Malware Report exposed a constant rise in suspicious Android apps created by cybercriminals.


The Takeaway

The best choice for you depends on your business goals and users. What works well for others might not be a great option for you. You should talk to experienced app developers in Huston to know which mobile apps you should be developing

Google has upped its game in recent years. Even outperforming iOS in some areas.

But they still have a long way to evolve. There are many reasons why iOS is the more lucrative choice to focus on when developing apps. Some of these are their ease of use, frequent and automated updates, and just customer preference.

Even Google’s own apps perform better on iOS systems than on Android. All these reasons compound together and make iOS the more productive of the two systems.