10 Ideas to Create Impact with your Business Presentation

Business Presentation

TechsPlace | One seldom gets a second chance to make a great first impression. A PowerPoint presentation is the perfect visual aid to impress your clients and boost your business! Presentations have always held the corporate fort for a business pitch, meetings with stakeholders, webinars, sales analytics, content, and digital marketing. An intuitive and striking business presentation might turn the tables in your favor and propel your business manifold. For a maximum impact with your presentation, one needs to be adept at the art of crafting them.

Design stellar pitch decks with professionally designed presentation templates corresponding to your business niche. Eye-catching templates, graphical superiority, typographical mastery, and data visuals render tour presentation with the desired stars. Seal your business with attractive, intellectual, and comprehensive slides to garner praise from your clients. This blog will enlighten you to forge mind-blowing business presentations for your next corporate meeting.

Here are ten ideas for you to incorporate while designing your effective business presentation:

A Three Act Structure Slide Deck

Divide your slides into a three-act structure to deliver a presentation engagingly. In the first act, introduce the topic of your business presentation with initial slides to grab the audience’s attention early on. In the next section, the slides should focus on sustaining their interest by building a case and selling the benefits. Showcase problems and solutions with statistics and data to support your points. End your slide deck with a quick recap and present the high features of your business. A final question from the audience is a great way to end the presentation with a bang.

One Idea for One Slide

Who hasn’t sat through mediocre presentations with an overload of content in slides, enough to make an audience doze off? One classic note to remembering while formulating your business presentations is to stick to one idea per slide. Be concise and coherent instead of hammering multiple topics in one slide to avoid confusion. It is best to incorporate the main ideas on which you can expand verbally, instead of a dozen bullets which are sure to leave your audience puzzled.

Delightful Splash Slide

Integrate your business presentation deck with a delightful splash slide or landing slide to imprint it in your clients’ minds from the start. Grip and hook your audience to your first slide by creating an enticing splash slide. Embolden it with an attention-grabbing title, impressive headlines, company logo, powerful slogan, key phrases or questions. Bold graphics and a mindful color scheme will take it a step ahead of your competitors. An impactful splash slide should take less than 5 seconds to read by the audience.

Captivating Graphics for Abstract Ideas

Vibrant, alluring, and superior quality graphics go a long way to adorn your presentation with just the right amount of impact you need. All text makes your slides dull and monotonous to glance. Charming and pixel-perfect illustrations display your ideas persuasively with an added charm. Complement the content in your slides with images that reinforce your branding aesthetics. Abstract business growth ideas are best told with pictures that make your presentations interesting.

Compelling Data Visuals for Those Statistics

Not everyone in your client base belongs to the financial field. Convert your excel data tables into invigorating charts, timelines, diagrams, shapes, flowcharts, and infographics. Simplify the process of comprehending the numbers and figures for your audience with a graphical representation. Stunning data visuals are essential for your accounting data, company statistics, budgets, pricing and costing, quarterly sales, annual reports, etc. Selective animations in these graphics will lead to their attractive portrayal.

Professionally Designed Templates

The competition in today’s Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) world are massive. With similar presentations pitched every day, you don’t want yours to get lost in the herd. Give your slide deck a unique appeal by crafting it with professionally designed templates. SlideModel.com offers a diverse repository of 100% editable corporate-ready templates to suit your needs. Business, Marketing, Financial, SWOT, PESTLE, Strategy, Funnel, Ladder templates are just the tip of the templates present on the website. Suffuse your brand essence with gorgeous templates on SlideModel.

Colour Scheme is the Key

To make your presentation eye-catching, high contrast and complementary color scheme is a must. Choose a color palette that aligns with your company’s branding image. Tailor your slide deck with a high contrast color combination. A dark background should follow a light-colored text and vice versa. Colour code the data visuals with red for loss, yellow for progress, and green for profits. Imbibe your slides with warm colors that are easy on the eyes. Ensure to keep the content readable with appropriate colors.

Typographical Requisites

Design your slides with typographical mastery by choosing functional fonts instead of fancy fonts. Times New Roman, Arial, Roboto are easier to read by the audience than fonts like Chillar and Comic Sans. Incorporate only 2-3 fonts in the whole slide deck to keep it visually consistent. Capture the essence of your slides with bullets rather than long paragraphs which are tedious to read. A tip here is to keep the title and content in a synchronized font that complements each other. Always set the font size to a readable limit.

StoryBoard your Slides

A business presentation does not have to be boring if constructed the right way. From big conglomerates like Apple to small businesses paving their way into the corporate world, an engaging way to present your slides is in the form of storytelling. Create a string of ideas and weave them in a narrative. Structure your slides in a story which locks your clients into your slide narrative. Unfold your organization’s beginning, journey, and challenges it faces and makes your clients believe in you.

Connect and Interact

Lastly, to deliver a presentation with vigor, it is imperative to show your personality, passion, and enthusiasm about your topic. Polish your content and make it fantastic that gives a wow effect to your audience. Set aside some visual cues for yourself to remember the key points. Connect with the audience emotionally, infuse your presentation skills with a little humor to make it less robotic. Interact with them whenever it is necessary to keep your audience hooked to you.

There are numerous ways to build a business presentation but with these ten tips, your slide deck will project your ideas compellingly. Start your presentation slides with light content in the slides to avoid overburdening of the content load from the start. The heart of an impactful presentation is to know its inside-out. Create a beautiful deck with these tips and tricks for it to be powerful.