Top 7 Tips In Creating Dynamic Business Presentation

Business Presentation

TechsPlace | Let’s be honest. Business presentation tends to be boring. To come up with something attention-catching and dynamic, you have to work hard. The short attention span of listeners must be catered to. Otherwise, you could easily lose the audience mid-presentation.

Business owners and team leaders around the world try to come up with a dynamic business presentation, which could get the point through quickly and efficiently without hearing the audience yawn. We’ve collected seven most useful tips for making your presentation truly interesting and appealing to the audience. They can help speed up the process while keeping the listeners’ attention piqued every minute of the way.

  1. Focus on an Efficient Structure

No matter how complex the presentation’s subject is, you have to work on a simple structure. It includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction – invest the majority of your efforts into making a compelling introduction. If you don’t catch the audience’s attention in the first minute, it will be extremely hard to regain it down the road. Sum up what you are planning to talk about in the presentation. Show why it’s important for the audience.
  • Body – in this part, use quotes, statistics, facts, and other evidence to prove your point. Take advantage of as many visual effects as possible to shorten the presentation while getting sufficient information through.
  • Conclusion – sum up the presentation once again and show the audience how it can use the information for its purposes.

After the conclusion, add a Q&A section. Remember, sometimes the audience can’t come up with any questions. Have several questions ready to ask and answer. They can sound like “a majority of my client wonders…”.

  1. Take Care of the Size

The size plays a major factor when it comes to designing a business presentation counts. The shorter you can make it while getting all the most important points through, the better. According to experts at Presentation Geeks, using more than ten slides in a PowerPoint presentation takes the “dynamic” out of the equation.

Remember, when it comes to presentations, less is more. If you stuff too much text and pictures into the slide, the audience will have a hard time deciphering what you are trying to show.

  • Don’t use more than two sentences per slide.
  • Divide your information into small pieces.
  • Do everything to make it easier on the audience and harder on the speaker.
  1. Pay Special Attention to the Design

If you aren’t a designer at heart, you may need some help here. A good design is half of a good presentation. For businesses that don’t have the budget to hire a designer, such tools as Canva( could help you come up with a decent design.

You need to use as many images and videos as you can to replace text. However, inserting more than one per slide can overwhelm your audience with information and lead to them losing the point.

If you think that bright colors are attention-catchers, you are partially right. Bright colors can be a good tool but only if they are used sparingly. Try to limit the number to one or two in addition to black and white.

Be smart about the font. Use the simplest fonts such as Times New Roman and Arial for your presentation. If you go for flashy fonts, your audience may have a hard time understanding what’s written.

  1. Be Smart and Genuine

The majority of the presentation’s success depends on the speaker. Once you are done with the design, you have to go on to the tough part.

Try to be genuine. Listeners can feel it. If they notice a lack of authenticity, their attention will wander. Focus on these two things:

  • Make sure you believe what you are talking about.
  • Don’t forget to become a true expert at what you are presenting.

To help get your point through, use humor. Humor is one of the most useful tools for dynamic presentations. If you can’t come up with a good joke, use videos or GIFs.

  1. Make Eye Contact

For your presentation to go smoothly, you can’t read the slides. You have to focus on the audience and make eye contact. When you look at the listeners, they automatically start focusing on what they are saying.

Try to make eye contact with each person separately. This can make your listeners feel as if they are a part of the presentation.

  1. Improvise a Little

While it’s important to rehearse the presentation over and over again, over-rehearsing can do you a disservice. In order to appear truly genuine, you need to throw a little improvisation into the mix. You can appear a little vulnerable. It’s ok. Allowing the listeners to identify with the speaker can go a long way.

However, you can only let yourself to improvise if you are good at it. “Umm”, “oh”, “eh”, etc. are terrible for the presentation. If you don’t know what to say when someone asks a question, give yourself time to think with such phrases as “You know, that’s a good question”.

  1. Ask for Help

If you want to make sure your presentation is truly stellar, run it by someone else. You may be surprised at how many little mistakes you can miss.

Ideally, the person shouldn’t be your coworker, who knows the ins and outs of the business. Rehearse in front of friends or family members.

Final Thoughts

Making a dynamic business presentation is only tough if you don’t know the above tips. The key rule is making it as short as possible. With the right approach to speaking, improvising, and joking, you can turn any type of presentation into a fun and efficient event.