9 Ways to Grow Your Business on the Internet

Grow Your Business

TechsPlace | Previously, companies relied on time-consuming and costly methods to attract customers to their products and services. However, with the advent of digitalization, the world has turned into a global village. Every individual is connected digitally with others through the internet. According to Statista, 59.5 percent of the world’s population is connected to the internet. In addition, 95.5 percent of Americans are internet users. The internet provides not only people-to-people connectivity but also unique platforms to grow business.

As reaching an audience has become so easy, the opportunities to grow your business online have become more straightforward. So if you’re a new business owner struggling to keep up with digital market share, we’ve listed a few valuable tips for you to grow your business online. These include:

  1. Developing a user-friendly website

The digital space provides a wide range of techniques to grow your business. The aim of all these techniques seems indispensable if your business lacks a proper website. Not only does the website have to be aesthetically appealing, but it must also be user-friendly and responsive to various smart devices. Considering that more than half of the world connects to the internet via smartphones, a mobile-friendly website is crucial to growing your business online. Fortunately, you can quickly employ the best business tools to build your website and add value to customers’ experience. In the long haul, a well-designed website will lay the foundation for your business’s success. While you’re at it, ensure your company has a unique brand name that is easy to remember in the sea of online brands.

  1. Understanding your audience

You should have a holistic understanding of the type of audience that you want to target. The more you understand your online customers, the better the results of your marketing efforts. It would help you to make changes in your strategy and grow your online sales. A study shows that internet users use 21.3 percent of their time on social media. Hence, you can use social media analytics to identify buyers’ preferences and behavior. By thoroughly understanding your customers’ preferences and needs, you’ll be able to design precise ad campaigns to attract the right type of buyers. Not only will this grow your business in terms of size, but also the revenue.

  1. Focusing on content marketing

When it comes to promotion, content writing serves as a comprehensive approach to growing businesses on the internet. Content marketing has gained traction in the modern digital world and has become the prime source of product advertisement. Quality content and efficient usage of SEO tools can help your business develop online. The best part of content marketing is that it provides a low cost-benefit ratio. Writing a blog is one example of content marketing. A study conducted by Demand Metric highlights that companies with blogs caught over 67 percent more audience than those who did not. You can use these blogs in other content marketing efforts, including acquiring backlinks to your website. However, ensure your content is engaging and provides value to your customers.


  1. Marketing through email

Email marketing is old but a viable method of reaching out to more customers. It is effective when used with precision. Through this method, prospective as well as current customers receive targeted emails. Since emails address readers’ requirements and needs at a personal level, they have a high chance of converting readers and leads into regular paying consumers. Therefore, your company would witness enormous growth in its customer base if you adopt this way of promoting your business. Ensure that your emails have attractive subject lines and don’t come off obnoxiously persuasive.


  1. Using Pay-Per-Click

The potential impact of PPC is crystal clear from the fact that 74 percent of companies confirmed that PPC is a great driver for their business. Tools like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are of great benefit when it comes to advertisement. The latter offers free of charge advertising credits to new users. Besides, Bluehost also provides its users with some free credits. You can use these two forums to explore PPC advertising and get traffic to your website without paying a single penny.


  1. Integrating social media

Considering that there are over 4.48 billion active social media accounts, why not? The best feature of social media is that it does not require any investment; it only requires communication skills and quality content. And just by doing that, you can begin reaching out to millions of potential customers. Besides having only accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, companies must engage with people daily. This will help to build a strong community of followers and increase referrals. Plus, you can always use these platforms for targeted paid campaigns.


  1. Launching affiliate partner programs

Affiliate partner programs focus on referral arrangements. Advertisers pay money to referrers when the audience buys products using their referral link. This method is highly beneficial if you sell products online. All you have to do is link up with affiliate marketers. These marketers would charge a sales commission to promote your products. In turn, it will increase overall sales. Moreover, you will require an affiliate management system to trace the referral activity and pay your affiliate partners.


  1. Investing in video marketing

Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to grow your business on the internet. People tend to engage more with video content and thus respond faster to ads. Around 64 percent of people who come across branded video ads respond positively. A study estimated that over 49 percent faster growth is likely to occur through video marketing. Video advertisement is an effective and efficient marketing strategy that often uses platforms like YouTube and webinars. Both platforms offer a variety of methods to engage with the audience.


  1. Leveraging online reviews

Positive reviews on the internet are a testament to your service and quality. They can play an instrumental role in bolstering your online presence and growth. If you do not provide your customers with a forum to share positive feedback and reviews, you may face difficulty improving your business. Since it is an effective brand-building tactic, you can quickly grow your online business. Leverage online reviews to increase word-of-mouth marketing and improve your offerings.



In today’s digitally advanced era, businesses must employ meaningful ways to increase their customer base and market share. If you’re starting afresh or are struggling to uplift an existing company, this article mentions a few tactics that might help. These including, developing a user-friendly website, understanding your audience, utilizing content and email marketing, and developing an affiliate marketing program. Last but not least, leverage your customers’ positive feedback. By employing these tips, you’ll experience business growth like never before and remain ahead of the curve.