10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

TechsPlace | Instagram stories are absolutely an asset to the business. The advantage is taken over on the prominent place that stories find above all Instagram feeds. Among millions of daily Instagram users, maximum are posting stories on Instagram every day. Ultimately stories have become an integral part of Instagram.

Stories offer a saving grace while marketers would be tired of advertising and paying to promote their product or brand. The attractive design of Instagram stories makes almost 80% of the people to be addicted. Excitement on what’s coming up next will easily stick people to go unplanned on longer views.

People naturally skip ads and promotions. But Instagram stories are the conveyer belt where people consume those ads, view influencer links without their knowledge. Therefore Instagram stories are the best way for business to engage their audience in the flow. Still, some companies find it hard to incorporate Instagram stories into their marketing strategy.

Have an in-depth look at the following ten ways to jumpstart your business using Instagram Stories

  1. Announcements:

Instagram stories are instant in nature. It is the best place that allows sharing your company details. New brand announcements and general updates will help get more new discoveries from your audience. Announcements on your new business colleges and staff members will help you convey the human side of your company. One of the brilliant ways to share behind-the-scenes of your company is Instagram stories. This creates a huge trust on your profile for your followers with an emotional connection. Personal insights of your company will always help you in boosting your engagement while improving brand awareness.

  1. Collaborations:

Instagram stories provide a load of different ways for brands and influencers to collaborate. Choose a business that is relevant to your content ideas and brands. Check if they will engage your followers in satisfying their requirements and needs. Plan to team up with such businesses and influencers. Create relevant and engaging content to be featured on their profile. Then post your stories from their new exposure on your profile. However, some collaboration is paid; there are a variety of beneficial options for business on Instagram.

  1. Story Highlights:

Instagram story highlights emerged with a new bang as a game-changer on Instagram. Utilizing story highlights as a part of Instagram marketing strategy to quicken brand popularity.. They are the extension of your bio that essentially showcases your stories on top of your profile. It is an easy way to promote your brand and service while enabling your followers to know who you are and about your product. Highlights with eye-catching cover images will ultimately raise long-term engagement.

  1. Polls:

Story polls are the new trend on Instagram. It is a quick, easy way to drive interaction with your followers. Polls are the questions that you put forth on the relevant content of the brand to your customers. They are the best way to analyze your brand and product. Market research, customer feedback, and knowing your audience are possibly gained. Instagram story polls improve conversion in a fun way.

  1. Questions:

Instagram stories have a special feature of the question stickers. It encourages the brand to invite their audience to ask any burning question related to their brand or service. Question sticker is a great feature that helps in building and encouraging customer interaction. However, you can engender customer loyalty as question stickers will show you as a caretaker for your customer opinion.

  1. Reaction Slider:

One of the fun, attractive features that add to the Instagram story is the reaction slider. This feature will absolutely catch your users’ attention at no time. The Instagram algorithm measures how good the content is and its visibility to engage maximum users. Reaction slider is anyway a crucial tactic to boost Instagram story views and maximize engagement. Instagram provides different creative ways to utilize the reaction slider.

  1. Story Templates:

The emergence of story templates is an excellent opportunity for brands to do effective marketing. Instagram stories have seen the other dimension of marketing by influencers in recent years using story templates. They are nicely designed brand templates by influencers. Brands can make use of this feature in their stories. When your followers screenshot it to fill on their Instagram stories, they are essentially marketing your brand.

  1. Location Stickers:

A quick and simple trick to be followed by brands and businesses to extend their Instagram reach using location stickers. Instagram brings people from all over the world to build a community. When you use these location stickers in your Instagram story, it will add to the location’s official story. It helps you to improve your visibility where a new audience will be discovering your Instagram stories.

  1. Hashtag Stickers:

The other exciting feature that decreases searchability on Instagram is hashtag stickers. Use new, trending, general, brand hashtag stickers that suit your content relevantly. Research on hashtags on which your competitors rank high. Make sure the hashtag stickers exactly reach your target audience to get a core engagement.

  1. Live:

A great way to drive engagement for your business in promotion is going live on Instagram stories. Live stories always have a significant advantage of taking its place on top of all feeds on the Explore page. So, it grabs the attention of your followers automatically to click and view. It creates excitement to intimate your colleges to know what is happening on live stream right now. Some live story ideas for brands are document events, film interviews, hold Q&As with their followers, or unveil new products or features.


Among millions of Instagram story users, you should take a creative step to stand out from your competitors.  No time you can add these tricks and tactics in your Instagram business strategy to burst loud in your engagement and reach. Instagram stories are the best way to show off your company ideas and services.