How to Create a Transactional E-mail that Converts?

Transactional E-mail

TechsPlace | Although marketers are taking every effort to make good use of promotional e-mails as possible, it is worth paying attention also to their siblings – transactional e-mails, whose clickability is a twice higher rate than newsletter e-mails. The popularity of transactional messages can be harnessed and allow you to enjoy an increase in conversion and income. How to do it?

What is a transactional e-mail?

Transactional e-mails are messages that are automatically sent to users as a result of a particular interaction with a website or a store. The following, in particular, are examples of transactional messages:

  • confirmations (of subscriptions, purchase, payment, signing up for a loyalty club),
  • notifications,
  • reminders (about an “abandoned cart”),
  • welcome e-mails.

A user that makes a particular operation on a website or in a store expects to receive such a message. And although those are technical messages, in practice, transactional e-mails may act as an effective marketing tool that facilitates conversion. How can such a goal be achieved?

Layout – visual side is of great importance on the Internet

On the web not only a visual side of a website or a store matters but also of transactional e-mails. While creating them, it’s useful to take care of:

  • appropriate structure  – advertising elements may make up around  ⅓ of a transactional e-mail,
  • visible Call to Action which stands out,
  • attractive graphics or GIFs (but it’s good not to overdo those),
  • appropriately formatted content – headings, listing, paragraphs and sections,
  • template, adjusted to be displayed on mobile devices,
  • placing the logo of your brand in an e-mail and links to Social Media channels.

Content is King, even in transactional e-mails!

The Content is King is an evergreen slogan that works also in the case of e-mail marketing and transactional e-mails. While creating content for a particular recipient, it is worth to:

  • personalize the content – you address a new Client in a different way than you address a Client that has been with you for a while,
  • avoid unspecified e-mails addresses (e.g. notifications@, noreply@, etc.),
  • focus on two-way communication. In order to turn transactional messages into a dialogue − you can encourage a Client in a transactional e-mail to contact you or to express his/her opinion about a product.

The large interest of users in transactional e-mails is an opportunity to encourage them to shop and giving opinions. It is much easier to attract a Client for longer this way than to find a new user that would be interested in your product or service. When you see that a Client bought a particular product, you can send him/her attractive advice from your blog. A user that chose suede shoes, will surely want to know how to take care of them. This way you will gain trust and put yourself in the position of an expert.

Up-selling, cross-selling – a way to increase conversion

Searching for new Clients on the Internet is not easy, but you can encourage the existing ones to make purchases! Take advantage of the good mood of the user who has just made a purchase in your store and suggests another product. For that purpose, you can use up-selling, which is an encouragement to increase the value of the cart (for example in order to get free shipping), or cross-selling, which is about offering products that are complementary to the already purchased ones. Airlines are extremely skillful in cross-selling. In their transactional e-mails, they encourage to get additional services, such as choosing a particular plane seat or buying an extra luggage weight.

Save abandoned carts!

A Client who added products to a cart, but has not finalized the purchase? You can save an abandoned cart! How to do it? Just use a transactional e-mail, in which you offer a favorable discount.  You can also use the Client’s interest, by offering a discount for future purchase that needs to be made within a given deadline.

Attractive appearance and intuitive layout that is adjusted to mobile devices, combined with the use of selling and psychological techniques allows to use of transactional e-mails in a creative way and to increase conversion and income. A high clickability rate of transactional messages is your partner on a way to success in business – use it, and you will surely be ahead of your competition.