How to Keep Kids Safe Using Spy Software?

Spy Software

TechsPlace | Are you worried about your kid’s safety whenever they step out? Has their mobile usage gone up? As the children’s age of using the mobiles have gone up drastically the job of parenting has become even more difficult.

Internet and mobiles have given birth to new dangers and threats that can cause fear in anyone, especially vulnerable parents. There are predators, fraudsters and many more dangers of such nature lurking online to prey on innocent souls.

Here are some of the dangers that your kids may face. As a parent, it is important to remember them and their scope.

Online Dangers for Kids

Listed below are some of the online dangers that kids face. We try to list them for you and some helpful tips that you can put to use to avoid these pitfalls of modern lifestyle.

  1. Online Predators

Being the open playing field, the Internet invites a lot of good and worse elements of society. On the one hand, kids get to learn various helpful skills at an early age. On the other hand, though, it also leaves them exposed them to the scum of our society.

Chat forums, social media, and gaming have further given more avenues to these predators and fraudsters to look for a new target every day. They interact with teenagers through the excuse of a game or a movie, and then quickly get personal.

Lacking experiences to deal with such kind of manipulative behavior, kids can easily be tricked into doing their bidding. They lure these naive kids through lucrative offers and promises to complete their unfulfilled desires.

As many kids feel not many people understand them, their thoughts and desires. So, these tricksters use this to turn them against their parents. As such, it is advisable to not ignore your kid’s complaints and engage with them in constructive debates, on a regular basis if not daily.

  1. Webcam Hacking

Webcams are all around us and they are very useful for video chats, and video conferencing for professional purposes. Experts warn though that they are also easily prone to malware and being used to spy on you by hackers.

Kids may not realize how remotely a desktop software can be used to use Trojan malware to spy on young kids for audio and video. Most kids don’t know to differentiate between genuine and fake links, the most common method used for hacking.

As a responsible parent, it is advisable to have a conversation with your kids about these online pitfalls. You can educate them properly with real examples to at the very least give them an idea on these dangers, which can help avoid bigger problems in the future.

  1. Cyberbullying

The online world offers many escapes for anyone, and especially a naive and young mind. It offers them anonymity and freedom from real-life problems sometimes caused by how familiar people judge them.

Where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. Using the same anonymity, these online bullies target young kids online. They use tactics like grouping on them and the isolating them for very petty or intentional reasons.

They then approach them as their friend and savior in this situation. They offer them presents, lures and an easy way out of the situation, which often lands them in trouble and problematic scenarios.

If this doesn’t work then they start bullying them into submission. They try to scare them using various online tactics. They are also known as trolls who silence everyone online who opposes their view, which can be very intimidating for a young mind.

It is therefore advisable to be in daily know of your kid’s mindset. Try to as sympathetic to their world view and then introduce the logic of the world which they are still trying to understand fully.

  1. Privacy Issues

Knowing a kid’s name is the first step for many predators and fraudsters towards completing ill schemes. As such online experts to most and especially kids, not to make online and e-mail ID with their names in it.

Using such personal information, these hackers can solicit detailed personal information from your kids. They can then create a fake account using that personal information and create massive damage to your kids, and possibly to you.

These people can also cobble up information from gaming and other such online sources. You need to educate your kids on the dangers of online world i.e passwords, e-mail ID, Online ID, etc.

  1. Hidden Fees

Online gaming and gaming consoles are a rage among youngsters. Many of these games are able to lure teenagers by offering the game for free initially. What is hidden behind a few clicks is that most of the stages cost money.

Most of these games require credit cards information to be saved. This forces kids to make the payment somehow. Sometimes they end up stealing away the credit card numbers or force parents to give them. Many of these sites have auto charge options.

It is important for you to sit down with your kids and explain to them the importance of money. It would be critical to them to know how finances of the homework and how these credit cards can be debt traps, and other such important information.

  1. Inappropriate Content

When it comes to kids surfing the internet on their own, ‘Inappropriate Content’ is an often repeated and troubling topic that concerns every parent. It is quite easy for kids to stumble upon these websites considering pop up ads and other such promotional content enticing teenagers.

You can encourage them to use mobiles with everyone, as much as possible. Having honest conversations with your kids is a must to make them aware of these dangers. Although these are awkward talks to behave, but their importance can’t be overstated.

When you are a parent and realize the dangers as mentioned above, you try to approach your kids with the best strategy possible. Though you are bound to feel overwhelmed with all the professional and personal responsibilities and as such taking some professional help can be of great help. Spy software can be one such solution.

What is Spy Software?

Spy Software is a software that can secretly and remotely spy on a target device. These software’s are equipped with a control panel that receives all the information directly.

It can let you know about your kid’s activities as quickly as possible. It can give you the peace of mind you so deserve by staying informed on what your kid is doing.

Advantages Of Spy Software

Spy software a few advantages that can be very beneficial in the long run. Let’s go through one by one with a brief description below

  1. Easy Installation & Use

Spy software’s are quite easy to install on the target mobile. Even if someone is a layman, then the websites of these brands list the step on how to install and use the software.

  1. Direct Monitoring

These spy software’s will let you track the target user’s info on their mobile on a real-time basis. Every piece of information will be available on a central console.

  1. Customer Support

If you face any problem in any part of the software’s functioning, you can rely on customer support. You can fall back on their help to navigate the way you want to keep a close eye on your kid’s for their sake.

  1. Peace of Mind

It is quite reassuring for any parent when they are able to keep a close eye on their kid’s daily activities. You can be quite sure of peace of mind with such a software keeping you well informed of where they are going, what they are doing and what are they seeing.

Best Cell Phone Monitoring Apps for Children

Knowing the advantages of mobile monitoring apps to keep your kids safe, let’s go through a list of the best in the business. Keep reading below:

  1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro has been rated by many sites to be the top mobile spy software. It provides you with 24*7 customer support in multiple languages. The process to access is one of the easiest in the business and also one of the most affordable.

It is compatible with the latest version of iOS and Android. It rates highly on customer satisfaction on such review sites. It has one of the best user interfaces as even a technical layman can install and use the software. It doesn’t need you to jailbreak the target device.

  1. Mobile Spy Agent

It is a spy app with all the basic features and is easy to use. The overall daily usage has been compromised though on a few key points though.

The customer support is not 24*7 and even then there are further restrictions. You have to jailbreak the target device.

  1. Highster Mobile

It is considered an affordable spying solution because of its one time fees. It doesn’t require jailbreak but its spying options are quite limited. For a concerned parent, there are not many parental control features.

  1. Stealth-Genie

It has a decent price package and supports many versions of iOS and Android. Although you have to jailbreak the device and iPhone compatibility is very limited. Customer service is very poor and legal issues have undermined its credibility.

  1. GuestSpy

It has multiple spying options for iOS and Android. It is quite easy to handle. Although when it comes to intercepting voice calls and online customer support, its shortcomings are exposed.

It is a struggle for every concerned parent to not worry about their kid’s well being. You can take the steps and try interacting, but if additional help is needed you should not be hesitant to do. After all, it is all for your child’s bright future.