How to Optimize Your Website for SEO


TechsPlace | Have you ever given a thought to how might the web search engines deliver the most relevant and highly ranked content in your search results? If it’s some random selection, how could you possibly find the useful stuff in the top results. Well, these internet spiders use a very fascinating concept, SEO (Search engine optimization).

SEO is a technique to grade web pages and website by a search engine. The motto of the concept is for the search engines is to find a web page alongside statistically ranking it based on its relevance. These rankings aid in deciding the location of links in the search results. How do you plan to lookout for your website? Here what the experts do to:

  • Know your market
    Market analysis helps understand the target audience and competition. In case of a website,
    understanding the search engines, balance of text and code, site appearance and competition; everything counts. Search for keywords and positioning of your competition and plan accordingly.
    Preparing a priority list of terms that are related to the customers and target market is a smart move. Consider a technology blog for that example, readers would look for terms like advance, latest, intelligence and data or cloud. A little study, great returns.
  • Content optimization is worth it
    Content on a website is an expensive attribute. It requires some serious skills and knowledge to create some valuable content. Creating keyword based page titles enhances the chances of being recognized.
    Incorporating valuable keywords in the website source code along with using the keywords 1-3 times per page seems enough to gain attention. But it is important that the content tagged along is relevant enough for the search engine to determine the relevance of the page.
  • Don’t compromise with performance
    A search engine rates various attributes of a website to determine its ranking. These include quality of content, site speed, cross device compatibility, relevance, ads and duplicity of content.
    So as to be in the good books of a web search, so called our recommended listings, it is really important to ensure quality of content. It’s important the content isn’t gibberish to the keywords. A little effort, like regularly updating your content would save your website from duplicity.
    Technical parameters like site speed and cross device compatibility means a lot to these ranking. You wouldn’t want the visitors to be troubled by too many ads either. Treat the web search engine as the strict examiner, who isn’t going to leave anything unattended.
  • Maintain structure and keep the website active
    The amount of site activity and consumer ratings can also affect your performance on the digital platform. Thus, it is necessary to maintain periodic activity on the web site. Secondly, the website must be user-friendly, which would encourage frequent visitors and thus improved ratings.
  • Image optimization
    Images are important part of SEO when user read a blog and article they give more attention on images rather than content Images make website more interesting and attractive and they play a valuable role in your site’s SEO.  Now the question is how to optimization images, There are many ways to optimize images but my suggestion use WordPress image optimization plugin. It dynamically replaces title and alt tag of images and also resize and compressed the image and many more things to make website speed faster?

SEO is a complex system, yet easy to crack. A few smart moves and you can be flourishing on this digital platform we know as internet. Keep it simple with a spark of excitement.