How to Start a Unique Personal Blog

Personal Blog

TechsPlace | Blogs are a form of online publishing that allows users to share their thoughts and experiences with others. Today, creating a blog has become one of the easiest things for anyone to do! But the reason why you even want to create your own personal blog must be deeply rooted in your purpose.

This is a great way to share your thoughts and your own story without having to overthink if you are a good writer. Some people create their own blog to replicate and serve as an online journal. They keep things very personal and authentic the reason why readers resonate with them.

Here are Five Simple Steps to Start your Personal Blog

  1. Choose a Blog Name

Your blog name is simply your website’s title or handle. You can choose any word or combination of words as long as they mean something special to you. This will be the name that appears before your site’s domain ( You may want to add some numbers and other symbols after your chosen keyword for better categorizing purposes only if it looks good and catchy.

  1. Pick a hosting service

There are different types of blogging platforms where you can choose from depending on what it is exactly that you want to do with your blog. For instance, Tumblr is known for sharing pictures, Pinterest for sharing images, and WordPress for the written word. Whichever platform you choose, make sure it’s what you are most comfortable with – otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time trying to figure out how to add articles, pictures, etc. After choosing your blogging platform, you can start editing the visual appearance or template of your blog!

  1. Set up an email address

Here’s a technical and formality step: it is important that you have an email address that will identify your website blog so people would know who you are. You can add a contact form on your site as well that people can use if they want to reach you.

  1. Prepare a Meaningful and Interesting First Post

If you like anything, such as sports, technology, music, science, etc. include them in your first post. You have to dig deep when introducing yourself. this should also encourage you to add your personality into those articles – via the use of appropriate language and tone (be your true self).

To give life to your blog, you can also add photos that you took by yourself. You can put visual content such as GIFs, short clips, etc. It is important to be able to tell your story with not just words but with mixed media.

  1. Add a Meta Description

This is a short summary of what you’re going to find on your personal blog and it appears under the title of each blog post. The meta description should be around 150-160 words – anything beyond this limit will not show up properly in search engines. Search bots only count visible characters – those that appear before and after your hyperlink – so avoid putting links at the end of your meta description.

Your meta description is an excerpt of your original post. You must keep it short and interesting if you want your readers to click on your post. So, once you’ve found your style of writing this will be easier!

  1. Write compelling blog posts

Make sure the content is valuable, readable, well organized, and most importantly authentic to your character and personality. You need not worry about looking professional since this is your digital journal. However, you have to consider spelling mistakes, too much use of punctuation marks, and other grammatical errors. The point is for your readers to understand you and continue reading your story.

In conclusion, there are lots of things that you need to add when creating a personal blog. This is going to take time and effort but, in the end, you’ll be glad that you did because blogging can add a lot of value to your life not just in terms of improving your social media presence but also in making people aware of what it is that you want them to know.

Share as much as you can so your readers will be enthusiastic to read the next posts. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing visitors add comments on what you’ve shared and seeing those numbers of likes increase. Just make sure to add only the things that are interesting and worth sharing especially when it comes to your life. For the most important reminder: since you are creating a personal journal, it is best to still filter the things you will say. You have to consider your privacy and what you release online. All in all, stay true to yourself and blog regularly!