10 Tips for Building a Profitable 360° Marketing Strategy

Profitable 360° Marketing Strategy

TechsPlace | You may have a great product but it won’t gain traction if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy. The need of the hour for all businesses in today’s day and age is to build a profitable 360° marketing strategy. The best practice depends on your brand and your market but if some of the following avenues are going strong, you will be able to generate considerable momentum. Some specific things put in place with each other, can leverage powerful results and hence this piece has been put together to enlist the 8 different tips that you can use to build a profitable 360-degree marketing strategy. Let’s get started!

  1. Website:

There is a very high chance that you already have a website, but its importance still can’t be stressed upon enough. Your website is the first way in which most people recognize and identify with your brand. It is the forefront of your brand. It is imperative that you make the best possible impression of people and you can do so if you have a well-designed website. It goes without saying that in today’s day and age you need to have a mobile-responsive website because more people are likely to access your website on their smartphones than through laptops and computers.

  1. Content Creation:

Next up, you need to focus on creating content because it is needed for organic search as well as for driving traffic to your website. Content creation gives a voice to your brand. You can use videos, text, and photos to share your message on channels, where such messages are likely to get the maximum amount of visibility and exposure.

  1. Social Media:

You need to use social media to connect and engage with your audience. Your strategies should utilize all of the biggest social media platforms of our times, which have memberships in hundreds of millions and even billions! Figure out ways in which you can cross-promote on such platforms. You need to find ways to drive brand awareness through organic content creation as well as paid advertising. If and when done successfully, you can get new customers and increase revenue through social media.

  1. Grassroots Marketing:

This is all about getting face to face with people and having a conversation. If done well, it can prove very beneficial for your business. Your focus should be on developing one-on-one rapport with people. Through one-on-one rapport, you can communicate your brand, share your story and develop long-lasting relationships with people. Figure out ways in which you can engage with your local community. Once you are able to engage effortlessly with your local community it will create opportunities for generating content and building your brand’s equity.

  1. Co-Branding:

Collaboration can be very powerful for your brand. You can partner up with other brands to tell stories together. You can also create new products with other brands. Further, you can exchange followers with the brands and leverage each other’s communities for the mutual benefit of both your businesses.

  1. Public Relations:

When it comes to PR, there is a lot you can do, without even paying for it. You can reach out to bloggers who write reviews about businesses and products. For example, you can pitch the opening of a new store to local editors. You can also get a lot of eyeballs for your business by getting a celebrity to vouch for your product.

  1. PPC for Quick Results:

It can be difficult for small businesses to deliver results quickly, especially when it comes to digital marketing services ROI because they have a small budget. Hence such businesses can opt for PPC which is a good option to get faster results than SEO. For successful PPC campaigns, you need to research the competition along with the volumes of your chosen keywords. Use different tools to identify long-tail keyword opportunities that you can use for your PPC campaign. Once your campaigns are up and running, remember to always monitor and check their activity and make adjustments, whenever appropriate, to get the best results.

  1. Personalized Outbound Email Campaigns:

There is no point in sending blank emails to customers and ongoing leads which don’t cater to their pain points. Instead, you need to include personalization in your approach. Approach individual contacts with personalized emails and with content that suits their position in their buying journey. If you nurture your leads via choice emails you will be able to close more deals at the end of the day. You need to scale it back because mass emails are just not as effective as personalized emails.

  1. Be Specific with Social Media Management:

You need to be specific with your social media management. You need to figure out ways in which you can represent your products better than your competitors. Use the latest tactics and trends to your advantage when communicating with your potential customers on some of the most popular social media platforms of our times, which have memberships in hundreds of millions and even billions. Identify groups and ways in which you can create brand advocacy across your social followings.

  1. Always Remember That Content Is King:

You need to do a lot of research when it comes to content marketing. Research your competitors and identify trends and content ideas that can work for promoting your products and services. Make content assets such as infographics, social media posts, and videos from the basic content ideas you’ve put together. Choose the content type which is in line with your overall business goal. Produce content that appeals to your target audience and is effective in the online space. Address the pain points of your customers and provide them informative, relevant and valuable content.

The Bottom Line

If and when you implement these 10 tips, you will be able to build a 360-degree marketing strategy for your business. You should always have a spirit to learn and adapt in the digital marketing space and get better with every passing day. Stick with what works and change what doesn’t work and soon you will have a solid strategy for your business. If you don’t have the time to implement all of the tips on your own, then you can also hire the digital marketing services of a 360° marketing agency.