Why Good Design Matters For Effective Marketing

Effective Marketing

It’s not a new thing you’re hearing. Good marketers have been saying it over the years — design matters. Bad marketers often have a reputation for not being able to crack a ‘design’ or a ‘branding proposition’ that works.

But why does it work?
What makes good design an essential part of any business, big or small? What impact does it have? Or rather, how does lousy design affect both your reputation as a business along with growth? That’s a million-dollar question. Lucky for you, we’ve some answers.

  1. How do you even stand out from the competition?

Let’s face it. Your idea is not all that unique, and if you Google — you’ll find quite a lot of competitors. In that clutter, how do you earn brownie points from your potential consumers? Why should they make a buying decision in your favor against someone else’s business? Quick answer — a good sense of design fosters both trust and a sense of credibility. Remember that one time when you were put off because a company had a terrible website? Yeah. That matters. Don’t forget that great saying on first impressions. It’s true.

  1. Good design can change how consumers perceive your product

Why do you think chefs spend so much time on creating an environment for their cooking shows? And why do you advertisements often show products in the best possible way? It’s because of presentation matters. How you design your website, for example, can have a massive impact on your leads. Really. The lousy design puts people off. So, you need professional designers who’ll understand the nitty-gritty of your target market and will be able to translate those learnings into great and compelling designs.

  1. Consistency enhances memorability

Think of any great brands — say Coca-Cola. They have a consistent brand approach and not only regarding communication, but also design. So, they’ve made themselves memorable by using good design in their favor to the point where it’s imprinted in your brains as to what that company is. And one of the critical elements for its marketing success is terrific design. There are brilliant professionals out there like https://www.surfacedmedia.com who can narrow your communication and visualize it as design.

  1. Fit right in with your target market

If you notice any kids’ product, the first thing you’ll see is how the digital design is in alignment. So, you’ll see a lot of colors, cartoons, caricatures. The design is another way to talk with your target market. And it’s a brilliant one. A study showed that over 65 percent of the people are visual learners — if that doesn’t convince you about the importance of good design, then nothing else will.

Conclusion —
Until now, if you’ve been wondering whether investing and thinking so much about design is a right decision or not — it is. It really, really, is. In fact, good design is an investment — it’ll generate more leads, give you more views, and create a brand impression in the minds of your customers.

So, go ahead. Hire some professionals, and work with them to give your business the boost it needed through design.