The Truth About SMS Marketing Benefits

SMS Marketing

TechsPlace | Bulk SMS strategy is a great way to reach potential customers. If you want to connect with your customers, then Bulk SMS is probably the best option. Around the world, Bulk SMS Marketing is highly used and highly accepted. People tend to share their phone numbers with their favorite brands.

In some cases, customers do like to get notified about special offers and discounts. SMS Marketing is highly preferable for that reason. Because on average people check their cell phones more than 20 times or more.


The Benefits of SMS Marketing

Now let’s look at the SMS Marketing Benefits and why businesses should use SMS Marketing Strategy-

    1. Highest Open Rate: As many of us are aware of the fact that SMS Marketing has the highest open rate. It has the highest open rate compared to email and other social media platforms. According to the State of Texting report, 74% of customers are willing to accept SMS from brands and 41% for Email. Mostly, you can just go through the message at a glance.
    2. Trackable and Data-oriented: You can easily measure the response rate and open rate from the panel. Most SMS Marketing panel gives a detailed report of the campaigns. So, whenever you choose an SMS Marketing service provider make sure you can check the campaign report.
    3. Engaging content: SMS Marketing has a great chance to reach your customers and connect with them. You as a business owner or entrepreneur should invest in content. Content plays a great role in any communication. You may give an address/contact number/landing page URL incorporate with your content. Customers will read your content and take the necessary steps if it hits their pain points.
    4. Instant Connection with customers: Through SMS Marketing you can connect with the customers within a few seconds/minutes. Many platforms ensure the same day or within-an-hour delivery. You can check how many people open the message and get the exact number of customers who read your message.
    5. Personalization option: Many SMS platforms can allow you to personalize the SMS Campaign. Personalized content will help you to drive brand awareness and engagement. Customers will get a warm feeling and associate with the brand. Also, there is a dynamic SMS template to prepare custom messages if required.


SMS API Service

Apart from these SMS Marketing Benefits, there are some other usages of SMS Marketing, known as API solutions. API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to integrate the messaging platform with your business. Through SMS API you can send a message to all the users or customer databases. Previously this system was not integrated but now with the help of new technology, it is possible.

API solution is mostly used in small and large organizations. An industry like – Bank, Education, E-commerce, and many more. API will open a lot of potential for business communication. Through API you can generate one-time passwords(OTPs) for any important notifications, updates, news, or alerts.


Some common usage areas of SMS API

There are some common areas where the SMS API system is being integrated with business platforms. Let’s look at some of the common areas where this system can infuse-

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Integrating SMS API with CRM is a great potential for businesses. As in your customer database, you have a lot of potential customers. Through SMS API service you can push sell, cross-sell, aware customers about the latest deals. For Banks and E-commerce, industry CRM plays an important role.
  2. POS (Point of Sale): For businesses like restaurants or any retail shops like medicine, cosmetics, or daily consumer products. SMS API with the POS system will reach out to the right customers. The POS system will allow you to connect with the customer’s mobile devices. You can send the coupon code, brand awareness, and traffic to your store.
  3. Health Care: In the health care industry SMS API is quite popular. SMS is being used for Appointment scheduling and rescheduling. Sometimes patients don’t remember their appointment schedule. So, a simple text message will help them to remember. Other great tips are that you can alert customers about upcoming flu, safety tips, wellness, and health tips. This sort of activity will help to increase brand awareness and visibility.

Hopefully, this article will give you some idea about what SMS marketing is and what it can do for your business in the long run. If you are considering taking an SMS Marketing service for your business, then read this article.