Which Marketing Videos Will Make Your Business Grow

Video Marketing

TechsPlace | As a digital marketer, the most common roadblock you have to face is – making your content engaging. It’s a common challenge faced by B2C as well as B2B marketers. In order to encourage your visitors to interact with your business content, you need to showcase your brand story to them that can delight and inspire. It means you have to consistently keep developing content that can:

  • Educate your visitors
  • Answers the queries of your audience
  • Entertain your visitors and keep them hooked

Easy to say but really hard to achieve. Grabbing your audience’s attention is a huge challenge. To get it right, video marketing is the best approach.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing displays your brand with an outstanding opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Videos are the most crucial part of the digital marketing world. They’re flashy, hot and have the strength to take any business to the highest level. An innovative video delivers lots of information in less time. A study conducted by Responsive Inbound Marketing stated that videos generate 1200% more shares than images and texts combined.

Video Marketing

The trend of video marketing is simply phenomenal. With a well thought out plan and a little creativity, videos can help any brand to stand out from the crowd. The data from brand and customers are also proving that videos are the key element of any successful marketing campaign that can’t be ignored at any cost. Videos are medium that can help you depict enticing brand stories. They help you make use of thought-provoking graphics, visuals, narration, and sound to get your visitors hooked.

Here are some stats that show the importance of video marketing for digital marketers. Let’s have a look:

  • 97% of digital marketers say videos have helped enhance use understanding of their service or product
  • 76% of marketers say videos help them drive traffic and boost sales
  • 80% of marketers say videos help them encourage their visitors to spend more time on their websites
  • 95% of visitors watch explainer videos to know more about a service or a product
  • 81% of visitors make buying decisions for products or services after watching their videos
  • 85% of the audience say they would prefer to watch more videos from brands

Types of Marketing Videos that Can Help Make Your Business Grow

There is no doubt that video marketing can change your marketing campaign in a positive manner and help you grow your business revenue. Being a marketer, you may be wondering what type of videos you should make for your brand if you’re running low on time, budget or both. Here are some ideas that can help you kick start. Let’s get started:

  1. Educational Videos

Providing information to address problems for the target audience is a perfect way to get noticed. Start with keyword research to list down high search keywords in your niche. There are several content formats to help you build educational videos such as webinars, action videos, and whiteboard videos. Video editing tools like Renderforest helps you create short educational videos to attract and educate your target audience.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are short yet informative and critical for spreading awareness about your services/products and influence your audience to take further steps. You must create quality educational videos to fetch the most attention for your brand and to capture & nurture more leads.

  1. Explainer & Demo Videos

Explainer and Demo Videos

An important component of marketing your services and products is to describe their unique value proposition. The data shows 91% of people view explainer videos to learn about services and products. Explainer videos are animated videos that illustrate the basic features of your services/products in simple terms. They use animated characters, graphics, texts, and a narrative to describe your product story. These videos are highly beneficial for startups selling composite technology products. Remember to use professional music and voiceover to create explainer videos for your brand. Add relevant Call-to-Action buttons and put these videos on your landing page to collect qualified leads.

  1. Event Videos

Promoting your brand events on social media is another amazing method to strengthen your relationship with your target audience. You can contact professional videographers to shoot corporate event videos and then upload them on different social platforms to gain popularity. Create your brand snippets and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

Event videos are extremely helpful in building stronger relationships with consumers and nurturing existing leads. If you’re a big brand with a huge and geographically dispersed customer base then event videos are a must.

  1. Entertainment Videos

People prefer to watch short and snackable content videos. With this format, you can make entertaining brand videos that can make your visitors laugh and get inspired. For creating impactful entertaining videos, you need to understand your target audience first. Create videos that your audience can enjoy and encourage them to coming back for more.

For example, Starbucks made a delightful series of animated videos called 1st & Main. The series entertains people and presents Starbucks as the third place between work and home. Such videos can do wonders as they make your business non-intrusive and let you have fun with your audience.

  1. Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are one of the top three most effective video content types. These videos are live-action videos and can work wonders to uplift the purchasing decision among your prospective consumers. You may ask your satisfied customers to be part of your testimonials videos. A testimonial video includes:

  • Detailed information about the issues that they were dealing with before using your products
  • Key features of your products that helped the audience to solve their issues

Testimonial videos can work well for all types of high-value services and products.

  1. Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos serve to display your brand and its vision to the audience. Basically, it is the “About Us” page of your business converted into a live-action video. Corporate videos include details such as:

  • Strengths of business & its team
  • Details about the company infrastructure & quality standards
  • Brand awards & achievements

In short, corporate videos are the best way to build trust among your target audience and focus more on corporate business, its objectives, and values. Such videos are ideal for large and medium-sized brands.

  1. Thank You Videos

Creating “Thank You” videos to say thanks to your clients is a perfect way to make them feel special. These videos also work well in helping you retain your current consumers and get more business from them. All type of businesses can make use of “Thank You” videos for higher client retention.

Final Words

These are some video types that you can use in your brand marketing campaign to expand your business and to boost your overall business revenue. All these videos deliver outstanding results if followed wisely. Every video format and type has its own benefits. You can choose any that can work best for your marketing campaign, depending on your business type and goals. You can use any video type but ensure to stick to only one or two video formats to maintain visual consistency. Create innovative videos for your brand and build long-lasting relationships with your audience.