6 Applications of Technology in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

TechsPlace | Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, management systems, the gig economy, and other developments in technology have come to transform Human resource management. Are you leveraging the advancements in technology to enhance the human resource function in your company? If not, you are being left behind as your competitors use them to economize their HR department.

Here are some of the uses of technology in Human Resource management:

Benefits management programs

You can purchase benefits management software to handle things like paid vacation and sick days, health insurance, retirement plans, and all other perks that you have for your staff. These programs, however, are not like PEO companies, which operate like co-employers. To get more information about PEOs, visit Digital Exits, a site that will enlighten you about their functions and the best companies to choose from.

Performance tracking solutions

Tracking the performance of your employees is necessary to make sure that they are producing the desired results and that company resources are being used appropriately. There are performance appraisal tools used today to not only track performance but also to monitor the achievement of set objectives. You can use these tools to track your staff’s work and obtain feedback about the suitability of your workplace.

HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

Human resource departments often have loads of information about their staff to maintain. These kinds of systems are designed to help you organize and keep all employees’ details in a simple, easy to access, and secure way. An example of an HRMS is Bamboo HR, which enables you to track your new employees, add them to the system, and set up a robust database with all your employees’ details and files.

Social Media

Most HR Managers do not realize that Social media can be a valuable tool for them instead of a performance inhibitor. While your marketing department uses social media to market your products, you can use social media platforms like LinkedIn to headhunt for new talent or Facebook to interact with your staff. Many social media users now use social media to do more than relax and chat, and the most valuable employee could be found through Twitter or Facebook.

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

BYOT is a new trend where companies avoid the cost of company-issued devices and instead allow their staff to bring their own. This trend has been found to increase employee motivation and make working far more convenient for them. The only setback businesses have to deal with would be the potential security concerns BYOT brings in the case of theft of a device.

Recruiting solutions

Many HR Departments will agree that obtaining new talent for their companies is time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive. However, with a recruiting tool, you do not have to worry about posting vacancy ads, sorting through hundreds of resumes, or obtaining the most suitable candidates. This kind of software is built to serve companies that handle large volumes of applicants and candidates. The best thing about them is that you can select a program whose cost suits your budget, business size, and has the capabilities you need.

Payroll management tools

Payroll management can be cumbersome, from handling tax deductions, 401(k) payments, paid extra time, among others; these tasks are repetitive and often lead to errors if done manually. To make work easier for your HR and Accounts department, invest in robust Payroll Management software. With this tool, you can rest easy as it tracks all overtime payments, tax deductions, paychecks, etc.

Employee engagement tools

Many companies also consider their employees’ input when it comes to making critical business decisions. This helps to improve employee motivation and helps them feel valued. Employee engagement programs are designed to help you interact with them, hear their opinions, and monitor organizational culture.

For instance, a program like TINYpulse enables you to collect anonymous feedback regarding your company’s culture, management style, and operations, while YouEarnedIt allows your staff to commend colleagues when they do an exceptional job. Some free tools you can try include SurveyMonkey and Google Forms.


Whether they are software as a service (SAAS) or software solutions, these technological solutions will help you comply with HR regulations, deal with staff data securely, and improve the overall performance of your HR department.