DVD Ripper

TechsPlace | We all have come across the term of DVD rippers at some point but not all of us know what it means. Well, a DVD ripper is a kind of computer program that enables the conversion of a Blu Ray (BD) or DVD film into an ISO format file.

It is helpful in case you want a back for a movie to store it safely. Similarly, if you wish to convert any content from a disc to a file format, the DVD ripper functions well. Later, you can play the file conveniently on your tablet or mobile phone.

While on hand, certain DVD players cost anything between $50 to $120, there are still some of the effective ripper software that comes for free. This article is all about the best DVD ripper programs. We all have used at least one of these in our lives. The best part is that all of them come for free.

Types of DVD ripper

Check out the list of the most common and also the top-graded DVD Ripper programs.

  1. DVD Ripper Platinum

The DVD Ripper Platinum program belongs to a premium brand name that is known as WinX. It mainly runs on the Windows operating system and works amazingly when you want to transcode or copy contents from an entire DVD or just the pictures and general content from the same.

It can convert content into several common audio or video formats. A DVD ripper platinum can also remove copy protection from a DVD. The name of the developer is Digiarty Software Inc. Also, check out the this free DVD copy software.

If you are new to DVD Ripper functions, you can use Ripper platinum for free up to a certain point in time. You just require a valid e-mail id to use the program. Also, you must know that the free version does not come with an update function or tech support. However, the rest of the functions all work fine.

  1. BDlot DVD ISO Master

The plus point of using the BDlot DVD ISO Master program is that it is first, extremely user-friendly and second you can utilize it to mount ISOs. However, the program only mounts ISOs and also lacks options if you want better customizations.

Since the program is very user-friendly, you just have to select a disc or source folder. Now you have to choose a place to save the DVD. Once that is done completely, the ripping can start successfully. Besides mounting, BDlot DVD ISO Master also functions as one of the effective ISO burners.

The BDlot DVD ISO Master is free and functions like no other similar program. It offers users some unique functions that are otherwise unavailable in case of other programs.

The program bypasses several DRM or Digital Rights Management Technology that prevents users from DVD ripping. The concerned function of the famous tricky protection from Disney’s.

  1. DVD Decrypter

The DVD Decrypter is capable of ripping a DVD and converting the content into an IFO or VOB file. The content can also be converted into a unique ISO file.

The best part is that the DVD Decrypter program comes free of cost. The PI or Program Interface is user-friendly. You can easily navigate mainly because all of the advanced features and settings are tucked away inside the menus.

You also get a lot of other functions in the program menu. For example, there is an option if you want to rip any ISO file into any one of the 17 sizes available there. Also, you can alter the reading speed, and relate the program with any other type of file such as BIN, IMG or CDR.

To sum up the review of the WinX DVD Decrypter, you must also know the pros and cons. The pros of this program are amazing options for customization, easy to utilize and finally it reads content from ISO and can also write to the same form.

On the other hand, the interface is quite difficult and complex when you want to navigate due to a highly composite set of burning projects. Other than that, certain options are limited to historical advantages and so are hardly used at present. Lastly, the program is no more developed for more latest updates.

  1. DVD Shrink

The DVD Shrink is free of cost program specially developed for Windows operating system. You can load any DVD file using a folder, disc image or disc and then start ripping.

The whole conversion takes place and forms a hard drive folder or ISO file. The DVDs, in this case, can be instinctively compressed so that it fits into a standard disc of storage 4.7 GB. You may also deselect any unnecessary subtitle or audio streams just before you start the ripping process.

So, by now you are aware of the meaning of the term DVD Ripper and also know about some of the best DVD ripper programs available in the present market.