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TechsPlace | To start this article with a ‘Content is King’ line is extremely cliché, and it’s something we want to avoid as much as we can. But what can we do? Content is indeed King and important not just for big businesses but also for small enterprises and even individual influencers. They all need to have good content, whether for their blog, web copy, or even social media caption. However, writing substantial content is not for everyone. It takes skills, passion, patience, and a whole bunch of creativity to write something that will leave a lasting impression.

Come to think of it. If writing is easy, then writing service providers like Content Fuel will not exist. Quite frankly, there is a huge demand for this, yet only a few people can deliver well. So for this post, let’s have a review of Content Fuel’s services and know why their clients all over the globe trust them.

What is Content Fuel?

Content Fuel allows you to have quality content for a fixed fee every month. The number of words or articles will depend on the plan you chose, which we will explain in detail later.

What’s great about Content Fuel is that they only hire the best SEO writers and editors, so you don’t have to worry about mediocre content. You will receive an output ready for publishing, and this saves you time and could build your brand faster.

Who Needs Content Fuel?

As we’ve said, everyone could benefit from hiring Content Fuel’s services. If you are a marketer looking for materials that can beef up your campaign, a small business looking for ways to fill your website with awesome writeups, an SEO agency having a hard time looking for writers, or a blogger who have so much on your plate, this team can help you.

What Content Do They Write?

The Content Fuel team can write several types of content. This includes writeups for blogs & articles, infographics, and email newsletters.

Plans and Pricing

They offer three different plans starting at $389 per month. These are the Starter, Professional, and Agency plans, and you may choose the best one based on your current needs.


This plan is ideal for small businesses that would like to have regular content on their website every week. It covers 6 – 8 blogs per month or up to 4000 words.

Membership fee: $389


Mid-sized companies could take advantage of this plan with 15 – 20 blogs or 10,000 words every month.

Membership fee: $689


We highly recommend this for marketers and agencies with a high volume of content requests. With this plan, you can enjoy 30 – 40 blogs or 20,000 every month.

Membership fee: $1299

How Does It Work?

Working with Content Fuel is absolutely easy! Let’s have a rundown of their quick process.

Submit Your Request

Once you chose the right plan for your needs, you can now submit your requests using Content Fuel’s platform. You can send as many requests as possible, and the writer will work on it one by one. A writer will be assigned to you, and the draft will be delivered within 48 – 72 hours.

You can directly communicate with the writer for any specifications you wish to add.

Review and Send Back for Revision

After receiving the first draft, you may check and see if there are points that the writers missed. From here, you can send back your suggestions to the writer.

Approve and Upload

The Content Fuel team’s goal is to ensure that their clients are 100% happy with their output. So once you are satisfied, you can instantly approve the project and upload it to your blogs or website.

Pros of Content Fuel

There are many advantages of using Content Fuel for all your writing needs.

Talented Writers

In today’s age, looking for a great writer is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is a tedious process. But by working with Content Fuel, you can skip this process and just go straight to requesting content.

Quick Turnaround Time

Writing content can be a slow process, most especially if you are not used to it. But the case is different with Content Fuel’s writers. They write fast and with the best quality possible. And since they are a team, there will always be someone to cover for your requests.

Affordable Plans Without Contract

Considering their pricing and the plan inclusions, we have to say that Content Fuel is an affordable writing service provider. This is way cheaper than getting an in-house writer and paying them in full (with or without writing projects). 

Cons of Content Fuel

If you only need very minimal content every month, you might not maximize what the Content Fuel has to offer. You will still pay the fixed fee regardless if you have bulk orders or just one.

Is Content Fuel Worth It?

Saying no would be an absolute lie. Content Fuel is worth every dollar!

With the quality, price point, and quick turnaround, we can’t see a reason not to get their services. And the good part is you are not tied to them, and pausing your membership is always an option if you don’t have many writing requests.