An Inclusive Guide to the Benefits of Choosing Comparium Team

Choosing Comparium Team

TechsPlace | For website developers, Screenshot web testing becomes fundamental for acquiring technical insights to build their websites accordingly. As the name suggests, web testing happens to be the method to compare the website’s results with specific images. Elucidating in brief, someone who aims at developing a website should always know its process so that he can build a trustworthy website, removing all the technical glitches that might happen in the process of development. Comparium, being one prominent field for the services it provides, deserves a mention here. This is the guide where you are going to get information about the Benefits of Choosing Comparium Team.  To know more, read on.

Comparium – A Standalone Name in Developing Websites via Screenshot Website Testing Services

Since screenshot test-platforms are significant in today’s world of digital marketing, Comparium experts help you deliver the kind of services that you would want. It is justifiable to say that there are a hundred such platforms that are available on the Internet. But choosing Comparium is worth the experience. Here’s an outlook of why choosing Comparium can be amazing from your side.

Comparium – First Version

The first-ever version of this app is really convenient. It offers you website testing services. You can test page designs on operating systems as well as the browser combination. You get to save your time by choosing them.

There’s no denying the fact that website testing has never been an easy job! But with Comparium, the job becomes a piece of cake! You get to just submit web page address and then check results accordingly. Their services would also offer you particular screenshots for page design. The experts give you an opportunity of checking the browser of the web page within a span of time.

Support for multiple web browsers & versions

The first Comparium version helps you manage the browser testing on a wide range of browsers as well as OS accordingly. The browsers that are supported are as follows:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and 8.0
  • Google Chrome 74.0, 75.0, and 73.0
  • Firefox 67.0, and 68.0
  • Safari 11.0

Support for multiple browsers from different platforms

Choosing Comparium would be amazing because you get to perform flawless testing for your website on multiple platforms. You can even gain access to the most popular operating systems, browser as well as browser version. What’s more, you can get access to operating systems, apart from browsers. Comparium also supports cross-browser on operating systems mentioned below:

  • High Sierra
  • Windows 10 and 7
  • Mac OS X Mojave
  • Linux

Reporting website reports offline with test results via e-mail

You just require giving them the email ID of yours alongside a URL. That’s it! the rest of the thing will be handled by Comparium experts. You no longer require waiting in front of your PC just to get the screenshots provided by the team on the display! You will be given a set of those screenshots directly via your email ID.

Now that you know the Benefits of Choosing Comparium Team for web hosting services, do the necessities accordingly!