11 Reasons to Learn C++ Language

Learn C++

TechsPlace | C ++ is a beneficial programming language, which was introduced in the year 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is an extension of the C programming language, and it comes with crucial object-oriented features and generic coding models. The C++ language also possesses extra features for those in C, for instance, revert function argument, classes, and inheritance, etc. You can learn C++ language very easily from your home.

C ++ is doing a lot of work today, as numerous simultaneous systems, like operating systems, Internet browsers, databases, etc. possess at least a C ++ code in their code database. Also, the language is used in high- performance places because of is speed. Therefore, recalling the glory and importance of C ++, here are the top 10 reasons to learn C++ language:

1. The Language is Simplified and Pays Well

C ++ is one of the most popular languages in the globe. And it is utilized by numerous programmers around the world. Similarly, C ++ programmers are in high demand and probably have the most lucrative jobs in the business with an average basic salary of $ 105,000 per annum.

2. C ++ Offers Extensive Library Support

The C ++ language comes with Standard Template Library, which is extremely valuable because it assists in typing code minimalistically and quickly as needed. It has four elements, e.g., algorithms, functions, iterators, and containers. The algorithms are of various types, for instance, organizing, and searching, etc. And the containers keep store classes to execute multiple data structures that are popularly utilized like stacks, hash tables, sets, maps, and vectors, etc. The functions, together with parameters, enable the working of the associated tasks to be personalized. Likewise, iterators are used to process the disposition of values.

3. C ++ Has a Great Community

There are numerous C++ users and specialists on the internet, who are more than ready to help whenever any support is needed. Similarly, many resources regarding C++ are readily available online such as GeeksforGeeks, Stack Overflow, W3Schools, BitDegree and so on.

4. C ++ in Databases

This programming language has also found a full application in many databases like MySQLMongoDBMemSQL. And, this is due to C ++ being a modern language and can support many features such as lambda and exception expressions. And a large number of databases written in C ++ are utilized in virtually all applications like YouTube, WordPress, and Twitter, etc.

5. C ++ in Operating Systems

Many of the major operating systems, for instance, Windows, Android, Ubuntu, iOS, etc. are usually written in C and C++. The window apps are written in this language, while many Android apps are written in C / C ++ alongside in Java with non-standard run-times for C ++ support. Also, C ++ can be utilized to build the main applications in iOS. Generally, C or C ++ language is used in operating systems due to its speed and the sharply written nature of these programming languages.

6. It Is a Flexible Language

C ++ is multiple standard programming language. And, this implies that it bolsters various styles like procedural programming, as well as object-oriented coding. These ideal models are several ways of analyzing and solving a program issue. For instance, two C++ programmers could deal with a similar coding problem in various ways. Ideal models can as well be consolidated to achieve the most effective result. And coming up with several forms of solving a programming issue, makes C ++ an increasingly complex and robust language.

7. C ++ in Graphics

Numerous applications that require graphics utilize the C++ language. Applications like PC vision, digital photo processing, monitor recording soft wares use C++ because it’s a high-speed language. Besides, this can as well include several games that possess graphics as part of their design.

8. C ++ in Installed Systems

The C ++ has found a full application in many items like smartwatches, Mp3 players, and GPS systems. Besides, this is due to C++ being close to the hardware level. And therefore, it is valuable in installed systems as the hardware and software in these are tightly fixed.

9. C ++ is Portable

C ++ programs can be moved from one level to another. And this is one of the primary reasons that apps requiring multi-level or multi-device enhancements use C ++ regularly.

10. C ++ in Compilers

As previously discussed, this language is closer to the hardware level and is a relatively low-level language. And because of this, it is utilized in numerous compilers as a background programming language. For instance, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is written in C++, together with C.

11. C ++ in Web Browsers

A large number of Internet browsers are created with C ++; for example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. Chrome includes C ++ in the rendering engine. The JavaScript engine, and the UI. Firefox mainly uses the rendering engine and a little bit of the UI. Safari as well utilizes C ++ in the rendering engine and the JavaScript engine. All of these web browsers and more use C ++, especially when rendering engines, because it gives the required speed, which is critical to rendering engines because they need to view the material at an accelerated rate.


Although C ++ receives numerous flak for being a startling and challenging language, it’s still highly used. Therefore, the C++ language won’t be going away even though many programming languages are trying to replace it.