A Personal GPS Tracker Ensures Safety of Your Family

GPS Tracker

TechsPlace | If you love traveling, have kids, have older parents to look after or simply travel in your car a lot, the GPS tracker is a must for you. Perfectly designed for those who spend most of their time outside or at least know those who do, GoFindMe GPS tracker has amazing features that make tracking super fast and easy. On that note, here are some of the features of GPS tracker.

The Best Features Offered By GoFindMe GPS Tracker

Real-Time Tracking

GoFindMe GPS tracker allows you to track anyone and anything, anytime you want. It provides you with accurate details of the location of your employees, friends, and family. If your kids are far away, you can easily get a hold of them or they can find you with the tracking tool offered by this one. Regardless of whether the car is parking or moving, it can be found at ease, even if your car is in a secluded spot.

Kids GPS tracker


Since the world is flooded with crimes almost everywhere, having the SOS feature in a GPS tracker makes things much simpler and of course, very safe. The SOS feature can be used during any emergency or even a risky situation. It will give you quick and instant alerts to the police officer that is nearest along with the emergency contents you have enlisted within a matter of seconds.

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Off-Grid Messaging

Thanks to the long-range radio technology, the GPS Tracker allows users to stay within a secure and private environment. People who are in a group can communicate via text or voice messages off-grid as well. It is not required for cell services or even Wi-Fi. Apart from that, there is no monthly fee required.

Offline Maps

In order to meet all requirements of the users, the GPS Tracker gives you 3 offline maps that are high definition. They are named as Google Satellite, Google Terrain, and Google Map. You can easily locate people, find them through the maps in the most accurate way possible.

Safe Zone Set & Alarm

These maps are seat to set. They allow you to track teammates, elderly parents, pets, and kids. Once one of the people who have the GPS tracker goes outside a certain boundary, you will get instant notifications about their location so that tracking can be done easily.

Who can use the Go Find Me GPS tracker?

Perfect for your pets

Go Find Me is a perfect outdoor GPS tracking device for those who leave their pets outside. Even if the pets go far off, they can easily get lost. You can create a safe zone on the map using the app and you will get all location information as well as alerts once the pet moves outside the safe zone. In short, you don’t have to worry about losing your pets anymore.

Pet GPS tracker


We all know that kids love to spend time outdoors and sometimes, even the eldest members of our family have the habit of going out for walks. It’s normal to worry about their safety. That’s why GoFindMe is the most useful. It helps you keep track of the kids and the elderly based on the real-time locations. This will help you find people who are lost.

For travelers and adventurers 

When you’re traveling up in the mountains, it is quite easy to get lost. However, using the GoFindMe GPS tracker will make things simple and easy for you. You will be able to communicate with others at the drop of a hat, send voice messages and text messages and set a location on the map with a target to help others find you too.

If you find yourself in the middle of an emergency, you could go for the SOS button. This will help your group receive alerts daily along with location information and notifications. They work even without Wi-Fi and without any internet connection. Isn’t that amazing?