Productivity Tips You Should Acquire Right Now

Productivity Tips

TechsPlace | Big company CEOs are some of the busiest and most hardworking people in the world, logically the most productive ones as well. Many of them usually work 10-16 hour shifts with as little as 4 hours of sleep. They are efficient, focused on big goals and driven by an enormous desire to succeed.

Being productive is not about spending all your time at work, it’s about spending your time in the right places. Working productively is one of the best ways to push your company to some higher grounds. And by being able to manipulate your time (do something better or faster), you may have some extra time left for additional thinking about that marketing strategy that could potentially get you significant exposure. The following productivity tips will allow you to do more work in less time and be more efficient.


Track and limit spending overtime on each task

You may think you are investing your time in the right way on different tasks. Nevertheless, it has been found through some research that not more than 17 % of the people are able to perfectly estimate the right time needed for every task.


Take regular breaks

It is important to take scheduled breaks because it helps you improve your concentration level. Research has shown that taking a short break in between your work help you in maintaining a consistent level of performance. However, there can be a steady decline in performance without any break.


Use technology for productivity, not for the distraction

For the longest period of time, technology was considered one of the biggest distractors in the workplace. And it still is if used for watching YouTube videos, checking social media feeds and so on. However, when used correctly it can be a big time-saver, especially when you are out of the office but still have to get some work done. Innovative mobile apps can come really handy in these situations. There are a lot of productivity apps available on the market and here we will mention a few of them.

PDF to Word Converter with OCR – great for people who are dealing with a lot of PDF files on a regular basis. It will convert your PDFs to editable MS Word files so there would be no need to retype the whole document in case there are some last-minute changes you need to make.

Google Drive – again, great for people who are dealing with a lot of documents on a regular basis. All your documents can be stored in the cloud and can be easily accessible on various devices and operating systems. The app even supports collaborative working.

Evernote – the best note-taking apps available. Use it to store all your thoughts, memos, to-do lists in one centralized place in the cloud. You can even store pictures, videos and voice memos as well. The app has a lot of customizable formatting and text editing options.


Don’t get easily distracted

More often than not, multitasking leads to being unproductive overall. This is especially true in the modern work environment where we are constantly distracted by our buzzing smartphones, full email inboxes, other colleagues and so on. Productive people don’t answer every email or other unimportant inquiries right away. Instead, they ignore such distractions and turn off their notifications until they complete the task they are currently working on.

An average person checks his emails 15 times a day which is in our opinion too much. Various studies suggest that three times is all we need in order to finish all the tasks, work productively and not be distracted. And that is exactly what productive people do, they have precisely scheduled time periods when they check emails and other inquiries preferably two or three times a day.


Ask for help and delegate

Productive people know what they are good at, what activities and chores they need assistance with and which ones they can delegate accordingly. They know their strengths and weaknesses and they also know that they don’t have to do it all by themselves. They have a high sense of self-worth and they know how much their time is worth and because of that, they don’t want to bother with small things.

You should think about your time as a resource that is very valuable and by doing that you will easily realize which tasks need to be allocated, which ones you need help with and which ones you have to do on your own. If you are a perfectionist, you may find it hard to delegate tasks, but if you support your employees by giving them tasks that require more responsibilities it will be good for both of you.


Write things down

Productive people tend to write things down since it is the only way to be completely sure that things won’t be forgotten. As we mentioned earlier Evernote is the best app you could use for that purpose.

If you are the type of person who relies on your memory alone, chances are that sooner or later you will forget some crucial information and you wouldn’t be able to accomplish what you intended to.

The other advantage is that writing random thoughts and ideas down can help with clearing up your brain for other important stuff. So make writing things down a part of your daily routine and you will see all the benefits shortly after.


Split big tasks into smaller pieces

Only thinking about big complex tasks you have to deal with can cause nausea by itself. This could end up getting you really stressed about them and you could even start procrastinating and delaying them for later which is the worst thing you can do. The great strategy that works almost every time consists of splitting big complex tasks into smaller pieces and dealing with them one by one. This way you will feel like you are making a progress and eventually the task will be completed. For instance, breaking down your monthly financial report into subsections and dealing with a couple of them every day.

There is no better feeling than looking over your back after a long day at work and knowing that you accomplished everything you attended to. By acquiring and sticking to these tips you could experience that feeling almost every day. We would love to hear from you so please let us know in the comment section about your favourite productivity tips.