Boost Office 365 Productivity

TechsPlace | When people have ample time to get things done at their own pace, they have enough energy to manage projects with better innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, several employees are so occupied with work that they have very little time to understand the basics of a proper software platform. Microsoft Office 365 is one of them.

Thousands of entrepreneurs use office 365 because it works as an excellent suite that helps you become a pro at project management. It also includes Microsoft word, PowerPoint, publisher, outlook, access, etc. Microsoft 365 is basically a cloud-based version that has the best apps with excellent device management, extra security, and the best cloud services.

If you are wondering how you can boost office productivity using Microsoft 365. You can try out office 365 employee monitoring for analyzing business remote work.


Try The Tell Me Feature

With the remote feature gaining immense popularity, it’s important that we adapt to it accordingly. With features like tell me, you will be able to enter phrases or words that direct you to command something that is instantly performed. Using this will also allow you to use the navigation bar and type the command of your choice. You can click on tell me from the bar, and type the command of your choice. Then a dropdown menu will appear. You can click on the option of your choice and you’ll be able to see the options below.


Try Focused Inbox Too

Do you ever feel tired and overwhelmed with an inbox that keeps overflowing with emails? Here is a solution that can work. You can use the focused inbox feature to reduce clutter and filter the inbox just the way you like. Outlook will separate the emails into two separate folders. The emails that are most important will automatically appear in your focused box. Mails that are sent to your other box will still be accessible. But the highest priority will be the most visible to you!


Perfect Your Presentation

You will be able to save some extra time and establish a proper look and feel for the documents using a wide template using the creation tool. Creating such experiences also includes company communications, both external as well as internal. Templafy also integrates all the right applications and ensures the right formatting as well as branding which employees are able to access across all touchpoints.


Use One Note to Remember Details

One Note is an app that allows you to store valuable information as well as take notes. It also helps you store links, and save pictures, drawings, etc. You can also keep research notes in one place. Notebooks usually have endless pages which help you to customize as per requirement. You can also share it with a co-authoring tool.


Use Quick Shortcuts to Save Time

The best part about using Microsoft 365 is that they let you access quick keyboard shortcuts. Although you won’t be able to remember everything, you can also use keyboard shortcuts. Just jot down some you know and begin implementing them immediately. Once you have got a fair understanding of this, add some shortcuts that will help you see things much faster. This will also help you meet commands at a faster pace.


Simplify Life with Templafy

Templafy is another app that makes life a lot easier. It gives you a cohesive look and feels with the help of its extensive documentation creation tool. It also helps you create a good branding experience which includes external as well as internal communications. Using Templafy you can ensure the right formatting as well as branding that all workers will easily be able to access across all the touchpoints.


Recreate & Restore

Ever had that experience where you worked hard on some content, only to delete it later on accidentally? Well, we know how that feels. Microsoft Office 365 also lets you restore the last copy and save some time and effort as well. You can view the files on one drive and SharePoint by clicking on fire and then selecting view. You may check out previously saved versions here and share the content as needed.


How does office 365 actually help you boost productivity?


Easily Available

Microsoft Office can be accessed across multiple devices. This includes tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc. It lets you check emails, and attend conferences from desks, cars, homes, coffee shops, etc. You can check the apps from one computer and then download them across various devices. You can allow your team to access all the right documents from almost anywhere you like and then pick up where you had left off.


Extra Storage

Office 365 also gives you extra storage. Every user will receive approximately 50 GB of storage that they can use. They can also save 200,000 photos and music that lasts up to 17,000 hours. You can use projects, emails, etc. that you can access 24X7. This will help you meet your deadlines regardless of whatever time it is. Your data will be stored using secure servers and protected using security monitoring. This means that you will no longer require any physical servers.


It’s Super Flexible

Microsoft also lets you choose from various plans so that you can find something that’s best and perfect for you. The admin access also makes it quite easy to remove and add users as the business continues to scale downwards or upwards.



Apart from these tips, you can also use managed IT services that provide you with some of the best solutions. There are several apps that provide great customer service and are always striving to deliver well. Leveraging across 50 years of collective experience, it gives you a whole range of virtualization and cloud solutions, the best support as well as proper consulting. You can also connect with us regarding the same and learn more about the business. We can connect you to some of our experts who can help you to boost office 365 productivity and more.