Top 5 Mobile-Friendly Background Check Sites

Background Check Sites

TechsPlace | As much as we’d like always to have a laptop or computer sitting in front of us, times have changed. We live in a fast-paced world that demands our attention. To sit down and pull up a website, enter in the details, and wait for a report-just isn’t possible. Thankfully, technology has given us smartphones, which can function at the same (if not, faster) speed as computers or laptops, but doesn’t tie us to one spot.

When you’re looking up background checks, you may not always be sitting at a stationary place. After all, your commute to the office or a quick peeks if a conversation sparks a few questions can make your life simpler if the platform has mobile-friendly technology.

If you’re looking for mobile-friendly background check sites, consider these five platforms:

  1. contains a fully responsive design to help you get the completed report in your hand when you need it most. Maybe you’re on your way to meet someone for a business deal and just want peace of mind. With a few simple steps, you’ll receive everything you need to know from social media contacts to traffic records, and everything in between. This website pulls information from public records, including personal information, social media profiles, public records, and more. You’ll receive any criminal records status details in the report too. It can help you find or locate distant relatives or confirm past address information. A fully responsive website means it adapts the main page to the size and format of your device. You’ll never have to scroll left and write to keep reading; simply click, purchase, review.


  1. Intelius: As a sister company to, this website has been functioning since 2003. It compiles public records, including personal details. Information like marital status, email addresses, bankruptcies, and more are included in your report, on top of the standard background check portfolio. It’s a very simple and easy to use website that is responsive in design, meaning you can use the website from your phone’s browser, instead of an app on your phone.


  1. TruthFinder: For employers and companies to get a comprehensive background check, this site tries to identify important information like court records, criminal past, or financial records. It also provides listings containing sensitive data. Sensitive data may include births and deaths, bankruptcies or liens, and any arrests or convictions made for the individual in question. This website is responsive in design, meaning you can use the platform from any internet browser online.


  1. PeopleFinder: This background check website has its mobile app, for individuals looking to pull information while on the go. It compiles the information into a complete report, including information regarding financial, employment, and criminal history. With its AJAX technology, you’ll receive your results instantly, instead of waiting days for the report. The data mining functionality gives you fast reporting in real-time. The report is accessible through the phone’s app, meaning you’ll be able to read everything you need to go, regardless of where life takes you.


  1. PeopleLooker: When you want to ensure that your data is protected, PeopleLooker is the perfect platform. Complete with secure SSL certificates and transparent information usage, it ensures confidentiality is a top priority. The platform offers information from aggregated data, meaning public records containing details about you or another individual. This website does offer phone applications for its subscribers to use, which can streamline the process of submitting your request and getting your report.

If you’re looking to find background check sites, it’s important to consider the functioning of the platform on the device you use the most. While most people instantly think of their computer, the cell phone in our pocket is always connected and available when we need it most.

Mobile apps are becoming more common with websites, although online responsiveness tends to work better for most users. Be careful using background check sites in public spaces as the information disclosed (although public record) is considered confidential.

It’s always wise to have enhanced security measures in place for your cell phone, particularly if you’re running personal information or details that could pose an identity theft risk if your phone becomes compromised. Consider using a biometric password like face recognition or fingerprint to safeguard your device at all times.