Voice Search Usage And Growth – Statistics And Trends

Voice Search

TechsPlace | Many people owning smartphones and other smart devices are aware of the voice search terminology. Searching through voice is relatively easy and one doesn’t have to care about issues like typos and spelling errors and can easily access his particulars through a given voice command.

Recently people have become more inclined towards searching their queries through voice and by the end of the Year 2020 there is an assessment that 50 % of the people will be using voice search as a basic source to get information and to get connected with people. 30 % of the people will search their queries by using devices that won’t be having any visual user interface.

60 % of the smartphone users, who have made use of voice search before, have completely moved towards the feature and started emphasizing on searching their information by giving voice commands. Voice search is becoming popular among adult’s day by day and 40% of the adults make use of this feature once a day.

The recent statistics show that 66% people think that making use of voice commands will take less time and less effort typing the whole stuff and it makes them more convenient to use their smartphones this way.

Major Reasons behind using voice Search

43% of people think that employing a voice search is quicker as compared to using an app or a website for their related information, a website or an app takes its loading time and you don’t have to wait for that much in case of searching via voice.

38% think that it’s relatively easy to take an advantage of voice search when compared with website or an app because many times you need an information like for instance you are searching for ‘who is the best basketball player of 2018 so far’, you will be provided more than pertinent information on an app and you have to dig down deeper against your query.

21% said it makes them uncomfortable writing things on their smartphones and they find it more relaxing to use voice search.

Statistics among different individuals

  • It is estimated that men are more prone to use voice commands instead of using text-based communication than women.
  • People between twenties and thirties make the most of voice search in public than older people.
  • People when driving find themselves more relaxing using voice search.
  • Among smartphone users, 23% of the users are highly satisfied with the feature.
  • Calling someone is a top activity performed by voice search users.

Further statistics are depicted in the infographic that is compiled by Go-Gulf.

Voice Search