What You Should Know About Getting a Newswire Press Release Distribution Service

Press Release Distribution Service

TechsPlace | Thanks to the advanced methods, writing press releases is not only for big companies. With the help of newswire press release distribution, small businesses can reach more customers and can get their story to go viral .

What is a PR service?

A PR service, also known as news agencies and wire services have been existing for many years. It sends your release to various sites and locations in order for journalists to locate releases of a particular brand or business. They subscribe to newsfeeds to receive releases that are related to their beats.

The newswire submits it to locations, such as magazines, newspapers and other sites. It is very useful for the media looking for stories to write and checking facts.

Why newswires are useful for journalists?

Journalists use a PR service that syndicates relevant releases. Since they are always busy, meeting their deadlines is one of their biggest challenge.

Using a service cuts back a lot of time for searching stories to cover. It’s like having a library where they can browse through stories that are relevant to them.

Journalists use it to get ahead of the trends in the industries. For instance, technology is one industry that keeps on releasing new trends and developments. When looking for feature stories, they can also check them on these sites.

When it comes to facts verification, they can use it to check information and review its validity. For journalists, a paid press release distribution is a great source of information they can use without the need for in-depth research.

For someone who is on a tight deadline, a release can make their work easier and faster. It ensures that their story is truthful and factual. It’s very crucial for journalists to report factual information at all times to protect them from legal issues like libel.

If they need quotes, they can just pull it out from releases and copy it. It helps them streamline their work and makes sure that they are reporting factual information. Researching for resources becomes a quick work since they can access it in just a single click.

A PR syndication service benefits journalists in a number of ways. Aside from story ideas, they can use it for fact verification. You need to target their needs to get the possible publicity.

The Other Side of PR services

After we have uncovered the usefulness of newswire for the media, let’s check why some of them don’t rely on it. Some journalists claim that these syndication wires are house to irrelevant and accessible content.

Since they are available for everyone, it means that it would be difficult for journalists to sift through the pile to find a newsworthy story. It is offering noise more than a signal.

When a content is placed on the wires, it means that it is universally available. It’s newsworthiness is lessened when compared to exclusive stories.

A pitch is more personalized. When a marketer or a PR professional pitch a content, they can craft it based on what would work for the journalist. They can write it in a method that appeals to them.

However, a syndicated content isn’t. It is a more generalized content. There is no attachment or relationship formed between the media and the marketer.

Reevaluating the use of Press Release Newswires

If a company or a business use a syndication service, they have a platform where people can access their history. Although they may not land publicity for each and every milestone, acquisition of their new building or their website launching, using newswires is a great way to build awareness and authority.

Newswires ensure that your stories are in the internet for a long time. When customers, media and investors look for your brand or stories, they can find the history of your achievements. They can track what is happening with your brand like when your business was launched, or when you had your first major expansion.

News available on these services are more shareable on social media sites. Announcement can also be indexed on the search engines. It means that your news stay longer or has a longer “shelf life” more than any other news.

Is syndication the same as press release distribution?

Syndication is placing content such as blogs, articles and videos on a third-party site. Syndicating content promotes engagement of the content. It is designed to boost brand exposure and traffic to a site.

Sites offering syndication generates new traffic which helps increase exposure of the business. On the other hand, sites subscribed can get news and information first hand. It helps  generate new visitors to their site. When done the right way, syndication promotes visibility and boost online reputation.

What are the advantages of online syndication?

  1. It improves your search rankings.
  2. You have better exposure of your brand.
  3. It helps you generate authority backlinks to your site.
  4. You gain a wider exposure.
  5. You acquire news site traffic.
  6. You become an authority site.

Does Google penalize syndication of your news?

While Google is clear that it penalizes duplication of published content, it doesn’t count syndication of your content. Syndicating content can’t affect your search engine ranking because of duplication.

When newswires syndicate your content to hundreds of sites and locations, it’s not considered duplication. In short, it doesn’t violate Google’s algorithm.

Why? When your content is syndicated to other sites, the third-party publishers use a link that takes readers directly to the original content. This is the reason why syndicating isn’t penalized by Google. Take note that you will not be penalized as long as these sites are doing the right way of syndication.

If you are syndicating content, there are disadvantages that can impact your campaign:

  • You don’t have any control in your content. Webmasters who distribute it can alter your story without seeking permission from you.
  • Eventually, your news can get obsolete.
  • If not done right, syndicating content can penalized your site.
  • You don’t fully own your content when syndicated by other sites.
  • It can flagged you as spam if the distributors didn’t observe proper guidelines.

Despite the claims of webmasters that distributing releases is no longer useful, it is still a great marketing tool to promote a brand. It still a powerful way to generate visibility, online exposure, build links and boost a site’s ranking.

Small companies can gain instant exposure of their business. It can promote awareness, gain trust and boost their sales.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of distributing releases:

  • You can become a thought leader in your niche

If you want to be known in your field, distributing releases is a good method to achieve it. Although it is not a one night work, it can boost your potential to be one. Write topics that you are good at. It will attract readers and leads. It would be easier for you to gain sales when they trust your brand.

  • It boosts your business’ visibility

When you write releases, you promote not only your brand but your products and services. It can position you on top of the market. You can generate interest of your potential buyers and investors.

  • It can get you publicity

Although there’s no assurance that you’ll get coverage, using a press service ensures that it gets to the eyes of the journalists. If they are subscribed, they can receive syndicated news stories. It exposes your story without the need to pitch them directly.

Before syndicating your content online, check out these things that you need to know:

  • Choose a reputable directory. Don’t think that having more directories that syndicate your content can get the most out of your releases. If you deal with spammy PR syndication services, you can be flagged as spam which can get you penalized.
  • Spinning content can get you penalized for duplication. It can impact your search engine ranking in the results.
  • Don’t expect that syndication can be a link-building tactic to gain more link juices. Just don’t expect that you’ll improve your rankings by receiving backlinks merely on syndication.
  • Don’t just depend on using press release services that syndicate your content. Personally pitch stories to journalists. Pitching is a great way to build relationships and get their attention.
  • Quality content still matters. Above all else, marketers and PR pros should prioritize quality releases. Without quality content, it would be difficult for you to get the attention of the press. It is also hard to rank on the search engines.

Using newswires can be a great method to increase exposure and awareness of your brand and offer. However, you need to know the pros and cons to fully understand how it works. Furthermore, you need to be updated on Google’s algorithm in order to avoid possible issues that may flagged your site for spamming.