10 Myths That Should Be Eliminated From Your SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist

TechsPlace | In the demanding world of internet marketing, a lot of SEO experts come up with some great wise bits of advice every day. You won’t believe that many of them don’t really come forward with their thorough research and just promote downright lies, which more often executed religiously and some are myths that should be eliminated from SEO checklist.

One must understand that SEO can turn out to be the most powerful strategy for the online presence of any business if implemented the right way. Unfortunately, a lot of myths have taken people in the wrong direction and we have decided to make them rectify their mistake. Hence, we have embarked on a mission to help that change for betterment.

Without creating some more fuss, we would like to proceed with the myths that should not be followed in a smart SEO strategy.

  1. An XML Site Boosts Your Rankings on Search Engines

However, an XML site is very much helpful in building a site that is crawl-able but it has nothing to do with its search rankings. Basically, the concept is that when you install Google XML Sitemaps Generator on your site, an updated sitemap is created with the website’s pages that are submitted to all the search engines present.

Therefore, it is understood that an XML sitemap is a source of making search engines to crawl and index fresh pages instantly – and increase the visibility of website’s pages on the priority basis (but it is not the case every time).

  1. Top-Level Domain Improve the Rankings

If we consider the hierarchy, it is seen that the top-level domains are ranked on the highest position on search engines. However, most of the .com users are confused with the domain extensions like .biz or .in, etc.

The major websites with top-level domains like .com, .us, and .net (geo-targetable domain sites are excluded here) have an immense effect on the credibility of a website; no matter if it contains the relatable domain keywords or not. However, it is not true.  The ranking of a website is based on how rich and quality content is added to your website.

Hence, it is recommended to offer immense value for your visitors through the element of content and building contacts with the social media influencers to promote that content.

  1. Claim the Google Listings For an Increase in Search Traffic

The concept of Google listing is basically what you add your business’s official details like the address and contact number. In this way, you get your business listed in the area filled with the target audience massively.  When you do so by filling out the form, an instant phone call is made to make you go through the verification process.

However, getting your business listed on the major search engine is very important but it has nothing to do with the rankings. You have to get going with some further strategies to achieve what you want. These may include (i) consistency in content marketing, and (ii) local outreach as well.

  1. Death of Guest Blogging

There is a minute difference between guest blogging and any other sort of content, which is, you simply contribute a piece of content to some third party’s blog as a guest. Content marketing is very much dependent on the quality of content with its anchor-linked profile.

A billion number of web pages are available on the internet that is owned by people with their several domain names, IP addresses, locations, etc. globally. With the help of which, interconnectivity amongst sites is created.

Now, when we come towards Guest Blogging, the high authority sites are being contributed on a regular basis. It is always the context, uniqueness, anchor links, and text of the content that is posted on the website by hundreds of guest writers of that site.

Remember, guest blogging plays a vital role in growing a blog’s traffic. It will never be dead.

  1. Paid Search is Much Helpful in Improving the Organic Results

The sponsored links of PPC are highly dependable on your bids and investments, which help you to target maximum keywords and test your different campaigns. Also, the brand’s identity is strengthened by making them appear above the search rankings too. Since the organically generated search results come from the index database, they function on a completely different area.

Though paid search links are greatly helpful in measuring the ROI, they may improve the conversion rates but won’t be helpful with organic rankings on the search engine.

  1. Keyword Research is Unnecessary

Google never devaluate the importance of keywords. Doing so may be highly dangerous for your website. You obviously can’t ignore the factor of quality keyword research for your website, but you must avoid the excessive use of keyword-rich anchors and over-optimization.

Google Keyword Planner is still the unrivaled tool that makes the most accurate keyword research. Additionally, you should focus on checking with keywords that competitors are targeting. Not just keep it restricted to the keywords, but also focus on user’s intentions including the Meta keyword phrases.

  1. After Hummingbird, Keyword Targeting Gets Irrelevant

Google algorithm keeps on changing. One can’t deny the fact. And a content producer must keep himself updated with all that kind of changes and adapt them to benefit the end-user. After Panda and Penguin, Hummingbird has been another major update of search engines that revamped the search algorithms thoroughly.

The update has highlighted the fact that the search engines, rather than targeting individual keywords must target the designated phrases too. Simultaneously, targeting relevant keywords is also very important since it has been the part of high-quality web content and part of SEO strategy, which claims the fact that keyword targeting has never got outdated.

  1. Meta Bots Can Be Used For The Specification of Indexable Pages

You can make the use of Robot.txt files to help search engines crawl and index and non-index the sections (pages, links, etc.) that you want. Here, it is advisable if you don’t want to block web crawlers from certain pages, then don’t do bother much as the search engine Google will do it manually.

  1. Hire an SEO Agency to Get The Top Rankings on Search Engine

In our perspective, the need of hiring an agency is very much helpful in every aspect. For example, if you want to get a logo design, then your top-most priority should be to hire a well-reputed logo design company. Similarly, when it comes to ethical seo, you should always opt towards hiring an SEO agency which can do all the metric analysis and content marketing of your website. But if you are not consistent with those practices, high search rankings are hard to earn.

Remember, SEO is a practice that takes longer to get results. And those who are desperate to get results overnight may get nothing, but disappointments only.

  1. Black Hat Link Building Boosts Your Website’s Rankings

What is “black hat” SEO? Do you know any definition of SEO that best describes the practices of “White hat” SEO? There are a lot of SEOs who don’t really use practices in the right way. For instance, if a link or comment doesn’t add value to your website, it is a black hat technique; as simple as it is. No matter what if the user or reader is not targeted while implementing the practices of content marketing, these are also considered as black hat.

Google works for the only goal of providing the right information to its users, which is why the users re-visit to conduct another search and eventually ads are clicked to make money as well.

Hence, we recommend White Hat SEO only as it creates the user experience and takes some time to get sustainable results. Google loves them too.