5 Tips to Make Your Website Dominant in Local SEO Rankings

Local SEO

TechsPlace | If you’ve followed search engine optimization for any spam of time, you would have known one thing that does not change, “SEO changes all the time”. Local SEO is very important if you are running a business which targets local customers. To get the local customers, you have to make changes accordingly local SEO, and it is somehow different than usual SEO.

In this article, you can read what should be the tactics to the dominant local market and local ranking; you can read a quick walkthrough of ranking a website in local ranking.

Title and Meta Description Tags, use them smartly

Writing title and Meta descriptions are considered as an art and you can boost the online ranking by using these two tactics wisely. In previous years, Google has been changing the Meta description length and Title length. Nowadays, you would have checked the Meta description length has been increased. Make sure, you double-check your title and Meta is not getting cut off in the Google searches.

If you had no idea how your title and Meta will look like in Google searches, you can use Google SERP Snippet Optimization tools or can use Yoast’s SEO plugin. But, do not completely rely on Yoast’s SEO plugin, as most of the time the newbies tried to get a green spot on all the posts.

Your title should be compelling, descriptive and unique. Make it sure one extra word can cut off your title or Meta description to an ellipses (…) which looks unprofessional and less attractive. If you are trying to copy the description from some other website, use text diff checker tool, to make it 100% Unique.

Register with Google My business

For any of the local business, I would say, Google My business is an excellent place to get noticed by the local customers.

Though the newbies can find it very hectic to make a place in Google my business, or Bing Local searches, one can find a tutorial on Google.

To get registered by Google My business, you should take care of these steps.

  • You should have a detailed description of your business
  • Right business category
  • The business should be legal and should be verified by the Government
  • List down the working hours and holidays
  • Should have a feedback system
  • List down the phone numbers and Email address

You should submit your business in online directories; I have seen many local websites do not use this thing to rank up higher in search results. But, you should use this technique; submit your website to all online directories. Search on Google and create profiles.

Build Local Links

Getting links from the local websites which are working on the same niche as you do, would be a great step. You can have backlinks from those websites using guest post opportunity, blogs, press releases. But, make it sure the websites should have the authority and should have Good traffic because backlinks do not work if the website has no traffic. Getting backlinks from authority websites is one of the best techniques used in SEO. Never forget to check authority before you place your link on a website.

Not only local websites but branded websites of your niche can help you in ranking a business website in a specific region where the big fishes do not operate. You should share your content, product or services on big social websites, like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If possible and you have some money for advertisement, should run Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns.


Online security has become very important, and Google had already advocated the importance of this factor. Google took a step to make the websites securer and safer and made HTTPS one of the signals in ranking a website.

Though HTTP servers load faster compare to the HTTPS the second one is safer and securer. Hackers found HTTPS very difficult to hack. And you would have seen some tutorial over the internet where the hackers tried to find a backdoor on a website which uses HTTPS.

Websites which use HTTP instead of HTTPS get lower page ranking, and when the competitions come shoulders to shoulders very little things matters. It would be ideal if you buy an SSL certificate, it not only help you in ranking local business website but good for your business. Read more at Google about HTTPS importance.

Reviews Matter

Now, online small local business finally starts realizing the importance of online reviews, you know, if you want to buy something from a store, and suddenly you found some bad reviews. Would you pick a product to purchase from that store? And what happened, if there is a series of bad reviews. You will never want to buy a product or hire services for that particular business website.

According to the survey, 84% of people trust online surveys, as much as the personal experiment & recommendations.

You must ask the customer to give feedback after using your website, 7 out of ten people put reviews, if the website asks. There is a list of the online software, which can be used to get feedback, you should search on Google, and my recommendations would be Reputation Loop, Get Five starts and Rust Pilot. Monitor your social media campaigns, look what people are talking about you, and if possible clarify some points there.

You can also use some plugins and tools to monitor your Social media campaigns; can get to know which medium is being hit by your product and which regions seem interested in your services.