5 Tips On Getting Better SEO Website Design

SEO Website Design

TechsPlace | One of the biggest challenges a lot of websites face these days is getting the design correct in such a way that it can be used for SEO services as well. We are all well aware that on-site SEO is one of the most basic building blocks of every business and could really help you out a lot if you are hoping to manage your website and design it in a better way. In today’s post, we are going to enlist some simple and easy ways to get better SEO website design. Keep reading to know more!

Use social media on the website design

Search engines these days have a lot of interest in social media as well as the customers. By using the basics of social media for website design, it will help you get better rankings and improve website traffic as well. When you are designing the website, you can include all the social media icons which include Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This will help you website rank highly among all the other search engines and at the same time help your customers understand that your company is reliable.

SEO can be used for images as well

There are a lot of people who use content on the website but forget to optimize the images because they don’t realise how helpful it can be to them. When you are choosing an image for the website, do ensure it isn’t too large. Images that are very big will make the site load very slowly and this could have a negative effect on the search engine rankings as well. This will help the site’s SEO as well. Also, you should use the images on the website very in a careful manner. If the images are very relevant, the possibility is that it will help your website’s ranking a lot better.

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Don’t use JavaScript all the time

Another thing you should remember to do is not using Javascript all the times. Search engines tend to crawl through the websites, index them and then determine the ranking in terms of results. If the site has a whole lot of Javascript, there is a chance that your search engines may struggle to understand the website. This could actually lead to more issues. Along with that, javascript won’t work on the mobile devices as well. You have to make it easy and simple for search engines to read the website.

You design should be accessible

If the website is not easy to access, it sure will have a bad repercussion the rate of conversion along with the ranking of the search engines. The website should be easy to view on all the browsers and if that doesn’t happen, it could cause the visitors to leave the website without even buying any of the products or make use of the services. If the website loads very slowly, then the ranks will obviously become low on all the search engines. Make sure that the website has a correct impression on all the browsers.

Use flash elements but very careful of them

Using flash elements on the website is not exactly a bad idea but you should be very careful as this could actually distract the visitors and affect the rankings of the website as well. In case you require flash elements on the website, it will become all the more challenging for many search engines to rank the website. This could be because the flash is not getting enough value by the search engines. The solution to this is using it sparingly.